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HPOZs Tell the History of Los Angeles!

HPOZs Tell the History of Los Angeles! Once they are gone, so is the history of our City! Amend ED1 to Preserve HPOZs.


As the Mayor’s Executive Directive 1 moves from Directive to Ordinance (permanent law), the fate of the City of Los Angeles’s official Historic Preservation Overlay Zones (HPOZs) hangs in the balance.

Hancock Park HPOZ

It’s time to advocate for protecting our historic neighborhoods and our historic districts!

Take a moment and let our councilmember and mayor know that you support protecting the City’s HPOZ neighborhoods that have been officially designated by previous City Councils and Mayors.

Please email our CD5 Council Member and the Mayor and refer to: Council File 23-0623:

City Councilmember Katy Yaroslavsky, Fifth District:
[email protected]

City of Los Angeles Mayor Karen Bass:
[email protected]

Tell each of them you “want full protection for our HPOZs and Historic Districts in the CF 23-0623 codification of ED 1.”

Please also submit a comment to Council File 23-0623 by Clicking Here and clicking the NEW icon at the top right.

Let them know:

(Your Name) support adding affordable housing, but only if tools and guardrails for planning and preservation, in all our HPOZ and Historic Districts neighborhoods in their entirety will be protected from out-of-scale and incompatible new development.

Historic Preservation Overlay Zones protect the cultural and architectural history of Los Angeles. In addition, for 45 years, those zones have maintained high-quality affordable housing better than elsewhere in the City as a whole. 


  • Are more racially and economically diverse with a higher share of low-income tenants. 
  • Are 69% multi-family.
  • Provide five or more units of multi-family housing in nearly 40% of all HPOZ buildings.
  • Are 5% of all rent-controlled properties, while occupying less than 2.5% of the City;
  • Are 25% to 40% less expensive than post-2000 new construction.
  • Create both intergenerational wealth and much lengthier landlord-tenant relationships. 
  • Generate more job growth by nearly two-to-one; and
  • Are home to large mature trees, mitigating the heat island effect.

(From: “Preservation Positive Los Angeles,” a report by the Los Angeles Conservancy.

The Council File is reviewed by the entire Planning and Land Use Committee – PLUM as well as all Council Members and the Mayor.

To learn more about the 35 HPOZs in the City of Los Angeles, go to:

Jefferson Park HPOZ


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