Obama in Hancock Park Monday

As you no doubt have heard by now, President Obama will be coming to visit our neighborhood tomorrow afternoon/evening.  He’s attending two fundraisers – one at the home of Melanie Griffith-Banderas and Antonio Banderas and the other at the home of James Lassiter, a Hollywood Producer.

In our opinion, it’s been very, very quiet about what time President Obama arrives and what route the Presidential motorcade will take.  Let’s just say that Hancock Park could potentially turn into “Hancock Park-ing Lot” sometime after 3P Monday, October 24th.

Larchmont Buzz will keep our readers informed as news comes through.  Please watch our twitter feed – on the bottom, right of the Larchmont Buzz home page.  There will be many resources there for the latest breaking news regarding the visit and related traffic.

Here are the most current posts on the web regarding the trip – including a link to the Total Traffic LA website (www.totaltafficla.com).  We believe Total Traffic LA will be a great resource for the latest news.

TotalTrafficLA.com: Obama Traffic, Street Closures in Los Angeles and Burbank October 24, 25

Variety:  Obama Courts Latino LA

KTLA:  Obama’s Back – President Obama to Tour LA for Fundraisers, Leno

Welcome to Hancock Park, Mr. President!

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