LA Restaurant Chainlet Lemonade Coming to Larchmont Village

Lemonade at 626 North Larchmont

Healthy, seasonal restaurant Lemonade has signed a lease for the 626 North Larchmont space, formerly occupied by Larchmont Larder.

Lemonade specializes in serving California comfort food “cafeteria style”. They will offer catering and an extensive “grab and go” menu at the Larchmont Village location. They plan to open early 2013.

Lemonade is the concept of restauranteur Alan Jackson. Jackson uses fresh ingredients as the foundation for his beautiful array of salads, braises, soups…and of course, lemonades. There are generally about 6 freshly prepared lemonades on the menu – including original, blueberry mint, blood orange and cucumber mint.

The Larchmont Village location will add to the growing list of Lemonades in LA – now more than 9 – including the one over near Cedars Sinai on Beverly Boulevard and Almont.

North Larchmont (NoLA) is becoming a mecca for healthy eats…Cafe Gratitude, coffee + food and now Lemonade.  Lots of great choices!

Website – Lemonade



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5 thoughts on “LA Restaurant Chainlet Lemonade Coming to Larchmont Village

  1. sorry to see the Larder go but Lemonade will be a nice addition to the street. I’ve been to the one in Brentwood and it’s very nice. Nice to see that Larchmont north of Beverly is getting better all the time!

  2. I visited Lemonade at MOCA downtown and loved the food. Regarding the new moniker NoLA, I can’t say I’m a fan.

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