Crime Alert: Larchmont Village Property Crime Up Over Past 10 Days


The LA Times reports that property crimes are up significantly in the Larchmont Village area during the most recent period for which crime data is available. There were nine (9) reported property crimes from February 10-16, 2013. The normal weekly average over the prior 3 months has been four (4).

The chart below gives you a view of the types of property crimes being committed in the area. As you can see, much of the crime is motor vehicle related theft.

Larchmont Crime   Mapping L.A.   Los Angeles Times
Snapshot of LA Times/Mapping LA – Larchmont Crime page – click on photo to go to Mapping LA web page.

The Larchmont Village neighborhood is split between the LAPD Wilshire Division and the LAPD Olympic Division. The Wilshire Division covers the streets west of Gower, between Melrose and Beverly; and the streets west of Plymouth, south of Beverly Boulevard.  The Olympic Division covers the eastern side of those boundaries.

Olympic Division Senior Lead Officer Joe Pelayo told the Larchmont Buzz that LAPD is currently seeing a lot of theft of unattended property – whether it be purses, phones or tablets left unattended for a moment at a coffee shop or in the grocery store. Also, this applies to Burglary Theft from a Motor Vehicle (BTMV) – generally the thief sees something through the windows that makes it worth the risk to break in and take. SLO Pelayo encourages all to remember that when it comes to personal property in your car – hide it, lock it, keep it.

Olympic Area Commanding Officer, Captain Tina Nieto addresses the unattended property issue in her latest installment of Captain’s Corner.


LAPD Contact Information

Emergency:  dial 911

For other LAPD outreach, contact your Senior Lead Officer.

LAPD Olympic Division
Senior Lead Officer Joseph Pelayo
email: [email protected]
phone:  213-793-0709
LAPD Wilshire Division
Senior Lead Officer Dave Cordova
email:  [email protected]
phone:  213-793-0650


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