Update: Fox 11 Highlights Knock Knock Burglaries

Back at the end of May, representatives from the LAPD’s Olympic and Wilshire Divisions met with our neighborhood to address the rash of crime in our area – most notably a new type of crime they called “Knock-Knock” burglaries.

(See Larchmont Buzz coverage: LAPD Addresses Community Safety at John Burroughs)

Over the past two days, Fox 11 has aired an investigative report on these Knock Knock burglaries – a crime that the burglars call Flocking. LAPD asked us to share the reports with our readers so the community can have a clearer understanding of what is driving the crime.

On the video, the reporter references the power that comes from knowing your neighbors. Neighbors looking out for neighbors is an important part of securing our streets. In fact, last Sunday an observant neighbor in Brookside noticed two men who appeared to be out of place in front of a home on the 700 South block of Longwood Avenue. When they disappeared behind the home, the good neighbor reached out to SSA (she was a client) and to the LAPD. The alleged burglars were caught in the act thanks to the team effort: a neighbor looking out for the safety of her fellow neighbors,  SSA Officers and the LAPD.

Fox11LA – Flocking: A New Type of Street Crime Part 1

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 Fox11LA – Flocking: A New Type of Street Crime Part 2

Link to Part 2Fox11


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