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CD4 Poll: Pulse Check on the Race

CD4 Candidate Forum at John Burroughs Middle School; Candidate David Ryu standing.
CD4 Candidate Forum at John Burroughs Middle School; Candidate David Ryu standing.

If you attended the CD4 Candidate Forum at John Burroughs Middle School on Sunday you had to be impressed with the event.  More than 200 people attended and the candidates engaged in a Q&A session that was informative and revealing.

We’re curious.  Whether you went to the Forum or not, if the vote were to be held tomorrow – who would you vote for?

Click on one name, and then click vote.  All 14 candidates names are randomly listed. There is also a vote for ‘uncommitted’ if you haven’t made up your mind.

[polldaddy poll=8642500]

 This is a very informal poll.  Each computer is limited to one vote.

Update: This poll is CLOSED. Over 825 votes were cast in this informal poll. Thank you for participating!


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  1. Anyone but O’Grady. I’ve watched him for 8 years. Bad temper, liberal use of pejoratives and bully tactics. GGPNC has a long and explicit history of his dirty tricks. I’m leaning toward Ted Davis


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