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Digging for Fossils Beneath Wilshire Blvd.

Wilshire Blvd
Workers inside the staging area for the “Subway to the Sea” are finding many marine fossils.  Photo captured from KABC Los Angeles news clip.

You see a lot of hard hats in the Mid-Wilshire area these days as staging of the subway  is underway below ground, while above ground Metro is resurfacing Wilshire Blvd. to create a dedicated high-speed bus lane during rush hour traffic.

KABC News got their cameras into the staging area near Wilshire and Ogden this week to see what the paleontologists are finding 70 feet below, with reporter Leo Stallworth focusing on some of the late Ice Age vertebrate fossils found so far. Showing trays of mostly marine fossil specimens, paleontologist Aisling Farrell notes they may find remains of some bigger beasts, including  saber tooth cats, dire wolves, horses, and bears.

“Officials say insuring the protection of fossils during the pre-work face of the subway project, will be critical when the real work begins,” reported Leo Stallworth for the news segment. See the full two minute video here:

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Julie Grist
Julie Grist
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