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Dog Day Saturday from #eyesonLarchmont

#eyesonLarchmont captured neighbored dogs on Larchmont this past Saturday.


Larchmont is a very dog-friendly street, assuming your dog is friendly. Mine, a rescue, isn’t crazy about other dogs, so walking on Larchmont is very stressful. If your dog prefers your company to others, you’re in good company — but if you have a very social dog, Larchmont is the next best thing to a dog park.

Today we’re taking a break from the serious news and featuring recent images from Buzz photo contributor Charlie Hess as part of his ongoing series, #eyesonlarchmont.  The photos of neighborhood dogs and their owners were taken by Hess while he was on Larchmont this past Saturday. And since dogs have always been a part of the Larchmont streetscape, we couldn’t resist adding one from our historic photo collection, which was also published in the book “Larchmont,” available at Chevalier’s Books.

Thanks to all the dogs and humans for letting us document our neighborhood street life!


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