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GWNC Elections: Meet the Candidates

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Elections for the board of the Greater Wilshire Neighborhood Council are coming up on March 31, 2019.  Now that all the candidates for the board have been certified eligible by the City, voters can meet the candidates and hear them speak at a candidate forum on Wednesday, February 13 at 6:00 p.m. at the Ebell of Los Angeles, immediately before the monthly GWNC Board meeting.

Candidates elected to each of the 21 board member seats will serve 2-year terms (while the runner up in each race will become the Alternate representative for that seat).  The seats include 15 designated by geographic region (see map below), five representing various special interest categories (including Renters, Business, Education, Religion, and Other Non-Profit groups), and one At-Large representative.

Here are the registered candidates and their statements:

Area 1 – Brookside

Owen Smith
Statement: I am running for Director of Geographic Area 1, also known as Brookside Homeowners Association. I have been a resident since 1979 and served as President of Brookside for over 30 years. I am currently President of Greater Wilshire Neighborhood Council.

Area 2 – Citrus Square

Jeffery Carpenter
Statement: “I am Jeff Carpenter and I running to be re-elected as the Area 2 (Citrus Square or La Brea-Beverly) representative to the GWNC board. I would continue to focus on the land use issues (such as re-Code LA and the TNP) as they affect our area, on parkway tree protections and replacement, and on advocating for compatible commercial development along LaBrea, in concert with MWCC, our Neighborhood Council on the west side of LaBrea. My overriding concern is in preserving the respective, unique qualities and character of our duplex streets, Sycamore and Citrus as continuing urbanization confronts our neighborhood. I am a past board secretary of the GWNC and believe I bring significant experience and perspective to this office. Regardless of the elections’ outcome, I hope we can all be in touch!”

Area 3 – Country Club Heights

No candidate registered.

Area 4 – Fremont Place

Bobbie Kumetz
Statement:  “
My name is Barbara Kumetz, best known as “Bobbie.” I’m running for Director of Geographic Area 4, (which is Fremont Place) on the Greater Wilshire Neighborhood Council. I’m an attorney and also a homeowner in Fremont Place for over 35 years. I’ve served many years on the Board of the Fremont Place HOA (now a former Board Member) but still active in the community. I’ve worked on improving security, putting in speed-bumps on our streets, amendments to our CC&R’S, and worked on items of legal importance to our area such as rules to preserve the historical significance of our area homes and landscape, preservation of our historical gates, as well as kickstarting, years ago, what has morphed into our current rules and regs for filming. (For more on Fremont Place, see”

Area 5 – Hancock Park

Jennifer Devore
Statement: “
I have been a resident of Hancock Park for over 20 years and have served on the Hancock Park Homeowners Association for most of those years. In addition, I sit on the Hancock Park HPOZ board. I have been an alternate on the GWNC for area 5 for the last few years and would love to continue to work for the neighborhood as part of the GWNC.”

Area 6 – La Brea-Hancock

Tammy Rosato
“I  have lived in Greater Wilshire since 1998 and started volunteering in 2015 with various neighborhood and community organizations.  I am the current GWNC board member for Area 6 and the new Homeless Liaison.  I also serve as the La Brea-Hancock Homeowners’ Association president and Neighborhood Watch Co-Chair.  I am an active member of the LAPD Community Police Advisory Board, and serve on the Midtown Los Angeles Homeless Coalition board, which spans Wilshire, Mid-City and the Hollywood area (overlapping CD3, CD4 and CD5).  For the past four years, I have been a steadfast advocate participating in regular community events and outreach meetings with local government officials and service providers.  I am actively engaged and always ready to listen, learn and support efforts to protect and improve the quality of life for all residents in and around Greater Wilshire.  If you believe this adds value, I hope you will vote for me on March 31st.”

Cathy Roberts
No photo or candidate statement

Area 7 – Larchmont Village

Vincent Cox
No photo or candidate statement






Charles D’Atri
 “I have lived in Larchmont Village for 20 years and been involved in neighborhood issues for nearly that long. The GWNC has taken an important role for residents as the starter level for many important City of L.A. functions, including those relating to development, crime and quality of life. Our fundamental goal is and needs to be maintaining the qualities which make our neighborhood such a desirable livable and workable area. The unique character of Larchmont Village can withstand the need for higher use in some places but will be damaged irreparably if quick buck artists are allowed to steamroller our heritage. The recent reforms in R1 zoning for the area are a great start. We need to continue to engage, create discussion and do whatever we can to move the levers of government to reflect the will of its citizens. It has been a lifelong goal of mine to learn and help others to learn how to navigate to their benefit the often complicated ways the city of L.A. works.”

Brian Magaway Yanuari
No photo or candidate statement


Area 8 – Melrose

Philip A. Farha
Statement: “
I’ve been a GWNC Board member for over two years. I have served as the Secretary of the Land Use Committee of which I’m still a part of. I love my neighborhood for its diversity and openness as well as our fantastic amenities – but we face many challenges. Crime, homelessness, rapid-fire development and the loss of green spaces are only some of the concerns I have forcefully brought to the attention of our city. I am thrilled that our historic area is finally getting the attention it deserves. I am asking for your support so I may continue these efforts.”

Area 9 – Oakwood/Maplewood/St. Andrews

Max Kirkham
Statement: “First elected to the Greater Wilshire Neighborhood Council as an alternate member in 2016, I quickly assumed the board seat upon the resignation of the previously elected board member. Jumping in feet first I became the secretary of the Land Use committee in December 2017 and was unanimously confirmed as board secretary in October 2018. I am also a member of the outreach committee. As a member of a Neighborhood Council, it is my job to engage my stakeholders and represent them to the city. If elected for a second term, I plan to continue doing just that. From debating transit oriented community / transit neighborhood plans, to manning the GWNC table at various events around the city, to serving as an officer of the council, to engaging/working with my neighbors in Area 9 on a daily basis. Serving as a member of the GWNC has been an honor. One that, with your vote, I am excited to continue. Thank you.”

Area 10 – Ridgewood-Wilton/St. Andrews Square

Patricia Carroll
Sometime in the early 1950s, my parents bought their first home on Manhattan Place. Other family members moved to Gramercy. So began my love affair with St. Andrews Square. After 30 years in Paris, I am back where it all began. I love representing my eclectic neighborhood, as well as Ridgewood-Wilton, for Area 10 on the GWNC. I currently serve as treasurer and am on the Land Use and Outreach Committees. I have worked with my neighbors to landmark several buildings in our historic neighborhood, as well as fighting to keep cell phone towers out of our residential zones and away from our historic buildings . We are the eastern boundary of the GWNC and border Western Avenue. New city and statewide building incentives bring new challenges in preserving our wonderful neighborhood. This, my neighbors and I are working very hard to do.

Area 11 – Sycamore Square

Joshua Kirchmer
Statement: “Hi! My name is Josh; I moved into Sycamore Square in 2015 and have lived in LA for the last 9 years, working in film editing. I quickly became interested in making a difference in my neighborhood and joined the Sycamore Square Neighborhood Association in early 2016 and was recently re-elected to the Board in November 2018! I’m excited to get more involved and help bring new voices to the conversation on the GWNC and hope I can get your vote to continue to make a difference and improve life in our Neighborhood!”

Conrad Starr
Statement: “As three-term president of the Sycamore Square Neighborhood Association (where I’ve lived/rented since the 90s) and current Renters Representative for Greater Wilshire, I know firsthand the importance of our Neighborhood Councils for connecting community members with City services and for giving a voice to all stakeholders. I also serve in the role of Secretary for the LAPD Wilshire Community-Police Advisory Board, and I’m an active member of the LAFD Community Emergency Response Team, South Bureau, Battalion 18. I encourage my neighbors in Sycamore Square and beyond to get involved in Greater Wilshire either as a board member or alternate, or as a member of one of our great committees. Thanks to everyone for your support.”

Area 12 – Western-Wilton

Erica Gutierrez
Statement: “I have been living in the Western-Wilton area for the last 2 years since I became a first-time homeowner. I’m originally from the San Gabriel Valley and have lived and worked throughout various parts of Los Angeles. I have a background in urban planning and land use regulation, as well as in real estate, and would like to serve as the Alternate Director for Area 12 (Western-Wilton).”


Greg Wittmann
Statement: “I am a land use attorney who has lived in the neighborhood for 8 years. I want to use my professional skills to balance the City’s great need for jobs growth and housing development with the neighborhood’s quality of life.”

Area 13 – Wilshire Park

John Gresham
No photo or statement






Kim Nortman
No statement

Area 14 – Windsor Square

Caroline Labiner Moser
Statement:  “Land use is my priority on the GWNC, particularly facilitating effective outreach to neighbors and that the historic & community context of projects is respected & preserved when possible. Neighborhood Councils and involved residents are an invaluable resource for Los Angeles. We can and do make a difference in the quality of our neighborhoods and help set priorities for the future of Los Angeles. I have been committed to helping this process with my time and experience, currently serving on the Boards of the GWNC, Windsor Square Association, Park Mile DRB and the Windsor Square HPOZ. I am the Chair of the GWNC Land Use Committee and have served on the Committee since 2010. I was born & raised in LA and started a historic architecture practice when I returned more than 25 years ago. My AB is from Harvard & my Masters in Architecture from M.I.T. I have been an active volunteer my whole adult life. I am currently a Board member of the National Alliance of Preservation Commissions.”

Area 15 – Windsor Village

Julie Stromberg
Statement: “A Windsor Village resident since 2011, I proudly served my community as their GWNC Board representative from 2014-2019. I also serve as Chair of the GWNC Sustainability Committee, and served as former Chair of the Transportation Committee, member of the Land Use Committee, and Chair of the Neighborhood Purposes Grant Committee. An active GWNC member, I organized programs to engage stakeholders and improve our neighborhood, ranging from educational to infrastructure repair programs. In addition to my community activities, I am an attorney and proud mother of two young children, I serve on the board of directors for multiple non-profit organizations, I serve on the Council District 4 Discretionary Funds Task Force, and I am the Council District 4 representative on the City of LA’s Community Forest Advisory Committee. Preserving a friendly and community-focused neighborhood is very important to me. I would be greatly honored to continue serving my community on the GWNC Board.”

At Large Representative

Brian Curran
Statement: “I am a new homeowner in Windsor Square, formerly of Brookside from 2002-2011. I am active in preservation efforts in Los Angeles having served as Director of Preservation Advocacy for Hollywood Heritage as well as Vice President. Now that I have returned to LA from London I am eager to meet and work with my neighbors to serve my community and to help make the Greater Wilshire area neighborhoods the best in LA.”


Karen Gilman
Statement: “I have lived in the Larchmont Village area since 1986. I care deeply about quality of life, neighborhood preservation, crime prevention, land use issues, traffic and pedestrian safety, and maintaining and creating parks and other green spaces. I am the Larchmont Village Neighborhood Assn. board secretary and a member of the GWNC Land Use committee. I pledge to support the Greater Wilshire Neighborhood Council’s mandate to help represent our neighborhood if elected to serve you. He vivido en el vecindario desde 1986. Cuido mucho por la calidad de vida, preservacion del vecindario, la prevención de crimen, asuntos del utilizo de propiedad, tráfico y seguridad de los que caminan, y con mantener y crear parques y espacios verdes. Soy secretaria de la Asociación del Vecindario de Larchmont Village y miembra del comité de utilizo de propiedad del GWNC. Les juro a apoyar la misión del Concilio del Vecindario Greater Wilshire si yo este eligida para servirles.”

Renter Representative

 Hayden Conner Ashworth
Statement: “I promise to advocate and push for: Fair & Affordable Housing, Air-conditioning in all rental units, a safe community, and be the voice of renters in the Greater Wilshire neighborhoods. I will work with City Council, Rent Adjustment Commission, and Congress member Adam Schiff over the next 2 years I am in office. I have worked with StandUp For Kids pushing for assistance and support for homeless youth. Bringing the pain and suffering of many of our youth to an end. Giving them shelter, emotional, and education support to live a healthy lifestyle. I have build ties with our community. I stand up against the crime in our community. I advocate for residents to protect their lives and property. As a community we need to work together to keep our neighborhoods safe for all.”

Business Representative

Charlie Rosenberg
Statement: ““Hi! I am a dynamic, young businessman who was born, raised, and lives in Hancock Park. I am running for the GWNC because I can address and revitalize our neighborhood’s most pressing issues while energizing the community’s business interests with my unique qualifications. Currently, I am a real estate entrepreneur where I focus on property management in the Los Angeles area. I bring an innovative and efficient approach to my management style where I personally manage three properties (two of which are located in the District). I have worked for Greater Wilshire realtors at both the Bienstock Group and Engel & Volkers, in addition to Los Angeles City Councilmember Paul Koretz (CD5), where I handled a wide range of community and business matters. I would be tremendously humbled to receive your support in this election and will serve you competently with respect, efficiency, and integrity.”

John Winther
Statement: “I am currently the President of the Larchmont Boulevard Association on Larchmont Boulevard which is in the middle of the Greater Wilshire N/C. I have been living in the area for many years and working in the Greater Wilshire area for over 15 years. I have been active on the Neighborhood Council for many years and I take a passionate interest in the well-being of our business district as well the area in which we live. Being the manager at a large real estate company gives me a unique perspective in understanding the issues that are coming forth in our area.”

Education Representative

Scott Appel
Statement: “My name is Scott Appel and I am running to be re-elected as the Education Representative. I work at Marlborough School as the Auxiliary Services Manager. I oversee neighbor relations, transportation, food service, retail, and events. I joined Marlborough because of their dedication to creating an environment where students flourish and contribute to the community around them. I would like to continue to serve on the board of the Greater Wilshire Neighborhood Council to support the local community, represent the educational needs/desires of the families and to ensure the mission of the board is achieved. I have previous non-profit board experience with the Los Angeles Junior Chamber of Commerce and held roles including Vice President of Finance, Vice President of Membership, Vice President of Projects and Director. I was accountable for many programs including the Nissan Open PGA Golf Tournament and LA Watts Summer Games.”

Bridget Bones
Statement: “I am a current Alternate on the GWNC for the Education seat. I am a former teacher and work with a national non-profit that trains teachers in this NC in policy, advocacy, and instructional leadership.”

Religion Representative

Michael Genewick
No statement

Other Nonprofit Representative

Colette Amin
Statement: “I am currently serving as the Non Profit Alternate since 2016 , I am also the coordinator of Free “Yoga in the Park” sponsored by the GWNC, also serving on the Congress of Neighborhood Planning Committee Board, Past V.P. of Windsor Square Hancock Park Historical Society and Diversity Inclusion Executive Board member of CASSFAA a California Higher Education Board. In addition my son and I are founders of JADV a Non Profit to assist domestic violence victims. Volunteerism is part of my DNA. I would love to continue serving our lovely Greater Wilshire Neighborhood Council. Thank you for voting!”

Tucker Carney
Statement: “I have served as the Non-Profit Representative for the GWNC for the past three years. For this election, I urge you to vote for Colette Amin as our non-profit representative. I would prefer to serve as the Alternate for this term. Colette and I have had a good working relationship for these past three years and will continue to work as a team representing our area.”



And, finally, here’s the map showing the 15 geographic districts within the overall GWNC area (click for a larger view):

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