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The City Budget Should Focus on Neighborhood and Resident Needs!


It’s Budget Season in Los Angeles! Time to Focus on Neighborhood and Resident Needs!

These sidewalk and street sections (and many others ) have repeatedly been reported to the Council Office and Street Services. We are told wait times for repairs are up to ten years due to budget!

Each fiscal year, the Mayor proposes a new City budget subject to City Council approval, which details expenditures for the entire fiscal year based on projected revenues that come in over the course of the year. These allocations pay for services, salaries and more. This year the City faces a budget shortfall requiring many vacant City Department jobs to be eliminated and Department budgets slashed. Remember! THERE IS MONEY IN THE BUDGET and FUNDS WILL BE ALLOCATED!

We always ask our residents to let us know their top issues and to prioritize neighborhood concerns.  Every year at the top of the list is repairing our crumbling infrastructure, our failing streets and dangerous sidewalks with historically accurate environmentally friendly and long lasting concrete – per the City mandated HPOZ Preservation Plan.

So how do we as constituents of Los Angeles and Council District 5 advocate for funds for our neighborhood ? We make sure our Council Member is listening to us and is actively working on getting our request funded. How is that done? We ask. We put it in writing. We send emails to our Council Member and her team with our request. We encourage our CM to advocate for our absolutely necessary infrastructure repair. We follow up during the budgeting process. We make sure our voices are heard!

Please email Council Member Katy Yaroslavsky at [email protected], and copy Council Member Bob Blumenfield, Chair of the Budget and Finance Committee at [email protected]; CD5 District Director George Hakopiants at [email protected]; and Cindy Chvatal-Keane [email protected] with the following message:

Dear CM Yaroslavsky,
As our CD5 Council Member and member of the City’s Budget and Finance Committee, please ensure there is funding in the City Budget to repair our dangerous sidewalks and crumbling historic streets correctly per our Hancock Park Preservation Plan ( 2007) which mandates using concrete for these repairs, in keeping with preserving our Historic streetscape in the Public Realm. Also to work with the Hancock Park neighborhood representatives to create a long term plan for regular review of street and sidewalk conditions and new repairs.



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