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Larchmont Medical Building Lights Up a New Sign

Larchmont Medical Building - old sign (left) and new sign (right)
Larchmont Medical Building – old sign (left) and new sign (right)

Owners of the Larchmont Medical Building recently replaced the original signage at the top of the 10-story tower – completing what has amounted to several million dollars in safety upgrades and improvements to the 50 year old office tower.

The new sign was installed last month, after the City had signed off on final inspections. Owners chose to go with just the words ‘Larchmont Medical’ for several reasons, chief among them is that less letters are more efficient – both financially and environmentally. The new sign uses an LED lighting format which more effectively uses energy. It is durable and produces less heat with a longer lasting life cycle than the previous light source. And omitting the word ‘Building’ was a $25,000 savings in production costs.

The previous sign had been dark in recent years because the power source was original (1964) and the owners did not want to risk any safety concerns.

But before the owners could replace the signage, safety upgrades were made to the 52,880 square foot building to keep it up to code, in accordance with the Los Angeles City Fire Department High Rise Division mandates.  Other work was done to the physical plant, including maintenance of base building mechanical systems.

A tall crane delivers materials used to fix the building AC system in December 2012.
A tall crane delivers materials used to fix the building AC system in December 2012.

After that safety/code required work was completed, the new sign was installed. The building is looking fresh and ready to take on another 50 years.



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