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Larchmont Village 2023, A Post-Pandemic Photo Essay

Larchmont Village stone monument by Ted Soqui and part of this Larchmont Village 2023 photo essay. (All photos by Ted Soqui)

Local photojournalist Ted Soqui spends a lot of time on Larchmont Boulevard. We first met Ted when we graciously shared his photos of last year’s poppy superbloom. Since then we have been meeting periodically on Larchmont to interview and photograph some of our local businesses, some of whom you will see in his photo essay of a year on Larchmont.

“It’s my view of the village,” explained Soqui. “I wanted to show what happened after the pandemic as the street started to recover and people came and new businesses opened up.”

Larchmont is a fascinating subject for Soqui who usually walks the entire block when he visits. For Soqui, Larchmont is the best of Los Angeles featuring a diverse mix of businesses that feels welcoming to everyone who visits the street. Larchmont also reflects some of the challenges we face across the city.

But Larchmont has lots of engaged neighbors, like Soqui, who care deeply about the street.

“There are over 200 images of what you will see if you came to Larchmont on any given day,” said Soqui explaining that all the images were shot with the camera and the same lens. “It’s my contribution to the community.”

Larchmont Village 2023 by Ted Soqui
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