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North Larchmont Boulevard Loses Trees

The boulevard in front of 444 N. Larchmont suddenly looked quite barren.
The boulevard in front of 444 N. Larchmont suddenly looks quite barren, the shadows of giant ficus across the street leaving an impression in the late afternoon sun.
444 N Larchmont Blvd
The ficus trees that used to line the front and side walks (Google Maps image.)

The landscaping around the corner of North Larchmont Boulevard and Rosewood looked pretty bleak early this week as tree crews took down the five mature trees that grew on the front and side of the 1963 commercial building, zoned as a neighborhood office.

We learned from Councilman Tom LaBonge’s office that the property owner had applied for a permit in October 2013 to remove the five ficus and under law are required to replace the trees with a 2:1 ratio for planting “in the community.” These mitigation trees were to be received prior to issuing of the permit, yet the Board of Public Works has not yet received the replacement trees and is now following up on the matter. We can only hope they will plant new trees in front of 444 to visually soften the location, provide foliage for the birds, and cool the streetscape in warm weather. The debate as to if and when ficus all along the boulevard should be removed and replaced continues.

The Buzz could not reach the owner of the 10,000 square foot property for comment, but by the looks of the sidewalk surrounding the building, the trees were removed due to the dangerous conditions they posed for pedestrians.

Sidewalks take a beating from ficus root systems.
Sidewalks take a beating from ficus root systems.


Larchmont looking north of Rosewood still has a resplendent row of ficus.
Larchmont looking north of Rosewood still has a resplendent row of ficus.
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Julie Grist
Julie Grist
Julie co-founded the Larchmont Buzz with fellow buzzer Mary Hawley in 2011 and served as Editor, Publisher and writer for the hive for many years until the sale of the Buzz in August 2015. She is still circling the hive as an occasional writer.

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  1. If I were the owner of 444 I’d get replacement trees in front of it fast: that building is not enhanced by nudity! Or maybe they should just plant ivy all over it…..Camouflage!

  2. Hey guys, I’ve been in contact with tom labonges office about that psychic on beverly and since then they have only added neon signs to the property. They said there is a pending lawsuit, but they are so clearly wrong and only getting more brazen. Is there nothing that can be done about it? This an element that starts the long slow decline to bring the neighbor hood down….

  3. I agree with Jimbo–they are awful trees. There are so many other options to plant instead that aren’t messy and don’t destroy the pavement or plumbing.


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