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Still Choosing a Summer Camp? Choose Camp Super Duper!

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Most of our local children are now on summer break, and while some families locked in their summer plans months ago, others are still looking for fun, nurturing things for the kids to do. So how do you choose a summer camp…and how can you tell if Camp Super Duper is right for your child?

Choosing a Summer Camp

We know, we know. Choosing Camps is TOUGH! So many choices, and many of them look the same.

But when you choose a camp, you’re not just choosing the activities your child will do this summer. You’re choosing a community. A tribe.

You’re choosing the people who will be around your child during a developmentally critical time. The time where they’re not just learning math or science or reading and writing, but the time they’re learning who they are, who they want to be, and what kind of people they want to surround themselves with.

Home is your child’s incubator – the nest where they will be given their foundations, framework and roots.

And school is where they will learn the knowledge, and develop the skills and relationships to learning, that will help them navigate the rest of their education…and eventually their careers.

But camp is where they learn to risk, to fail and be ok, to try again, to step out on that stage, to speak up, to laugh, to collaborate, to be part of a group, to have fun, to get out of their comfort zone, to try something new, and to meet and welcome and interact with new and different people. It’s where they learn about the rest of the world. It’s also where they learn about leadership and respect…for themselves, for others, and from others.

Camp is where the roots you plant turn into solid trunks and expansive branches…and the leaves and flowers give back to the world what you have put into the roots.

It’s the place where inspiration can be sparked, meaning can be found, self-belief can take root, and passion can take flight.

So when choosing a camp, ask yourself…

  • What do you want for your child…and which camp will provide it?
  • Do I trust these people? Are their values in line with mine?
  • Will they SEE and KNOW my kid for who he/she is?
  • Will they CARE enough to take the time and effort to really be present with him/her as he/she moves through a difficult moment?
  • Is there joy? Is there love? Is there inspiration?
  • Is there a culture that fosters inclusion, respect, curiosity, self-discovery, acceptance, grit, resilience, honesty, authenticity and accountability, in addition to creativity, learning, and play?

Why Choose Camp Super Duper?

At Camp Super Duper, we embody the values above, and we go to great lengths to hire and train other people who do, too. We work hard to create an environment and community that supports all of its humans as individuals on their own unique journeys, with passion, care and reverence. We consider it an honor/duty/privilege to be with your child as they discover who they are, what they are capable of and who they want to be.

We also offer:

Diverse Programming and Activities

We do about a bajillion different things at camp so that every day, week, session and summer are different and there is something for EVERYONE, including theme days, field trips and dozens of different activities….including art, sports, cooking, theater, music, dance, yoga, science, engineering, parkour, Capoeira, gymnastics, stunts, sword fighting, DJing, podcasting, songwriting, music recording, filmmaking, photography, video game design, knitting, fashion design, tinkering, comic book design, storytelling, team building, nature education, wacky games, mini golf, laser tag, herbal apothecary, mindfulness, remote control cars, Ga-Ga,relay races, obstacle courses, bounce houses, water slides, Slip n Slide kickball, four-way Capture the Flag, musical zoo, karaoke…and more!

The BEST Staff!

Far and away, the most common comment we receive from parents is “Your staff is amazing!!” Why? Because we don’t hire kids to take care of your kids. We hire mature, professional, experienced ADULTS, who also happen to be some of the most fun, unique, quirky, funky, self-actualized people around.

Also, our ratio of kids to adults is no more than 5 to 1, with two adult counselors for each group of 12-18 kids (depending on age)…PLUS an instructor/specialist for every activity…PLUS five or more leadership team folks running around to make sure everything is awesome and everyone is attended to.

A Nurturing Philosophy

Camp is about community, connection, and relationships. We help kids be the shiniest versions of themselves possible, while also allowing them to just be a kid. It’s all about providing learning opportunities, compassion and patience.

The Little BIG Things

  • Healthy, mostly organic food
  • Parent communication (we’re available via phone during all camp hours, we send out emails twice a week, and we have a special preschool liaison that sends out daily emails and is easily accessible by parents – everything we can do to make the transition as easy as possible for both kids and parents)
  • Attention to detail (e.g. having extra clothes and snacks on hand in case of emergencies)
  • Flexibility and special accommodations as needed
  • Understanding and support for parents – our staff and administration don’t just like kids – many of them are parents, too, and have the same concerns you do.


We take the time to know each and every child who comes through our gates, learn about what makes them tick, tune into what they need in their personal development, and acknowledge, honor and celebrate them for who they are on their journeys to self-acceptance.

The FUN!

Of course, every camp is supposed to be fun. But we think ours is just a little extra special more fun. In addition to our activities and experiences, we add fun to every little thing we do, every moment of the day. We have many unique and zany traditions, rituals, songs, cheers, games, special days, secret handshakes, funny lingo, silly names and weirdo, uniquely Sup Dup ways of doing things. (Um, like underwear on your head on Tuesday spirit days)

The Bottom Line

Ultimately, you know how great camp is by how happy your kids are at the end of the day, and how eager they are to return. And our students will tell you, once you do SupDup, it’s hard to go back to any other camp.

So if your kids are still looking for a great experience this summer…we are ready, waiting and eager to welcome them to the super duper – Camp Super Duper – summer experience of a lifetime.

Camp Super Duper
June 18-August 17, 2018

Pilgrim School Campus
540 Commonwealth Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90020

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