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Voters in Mid-Wilshire Predictors of LA Mayoral Election Outcomes


Tomorrow is election day in our city, and according to election data covered in a story today in the LA Times, voters in the Mid-Wilshire area of Los Angeles have been the sole predictors of Mayoral winners over the past six elections. From the LA Times:

Garcetti and Greuel have paid more attention to the San Fernando Valley and South Los Angeles, places where swaying key blocs of undecided voters could determine the outcome of the election. But in political terms, Mid-Wilshire is a Los Angeles version of Ohio — the only neighborhood that has chosen winners in every contested mayoral election over the last 12 years, according to an analysis of community voting patterns. The last six times the city voted for mayor, this was the sole neighborhood to consistently pick a winner.

If you want to see specifics about voting patterns throughout LA,  click on the interactive map below that shows how Los Angeles voted in the March 5, 2013, primary and the previous three mayoral contests. Each dot represents a voter in one of the hundreds of precincts across the city. Quite astonishing you can zoom into your area to explore how your neighborhood, and neighbors, have voted.

To find your polling place for the election tomorrow, visit and enter your address. Polling places change election to election so don’t assume you’ll be journeying to the same place as the last election. Given the poor election turnout in recent years, we encourage everyone will get out and VOTE this Tuesday, May 21st.

Map  L.A. mayoral election results   Los Angeles Times
LA Times Map of LA Mayoral Primary Election Results – click on map to drill down on March Primary vote results
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