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United Neighbors urges you to act now! Send an email to Mayor Karen Bass today. The city should build much-needed housing on our underutilized commercial corridors, and public land, and through adaptive reuse, without tearing down our single-family neighborhoods.


Dear Neighbor,

A vitally IMPORTANT email-writing campaign is underway today. We ask everyone to join the campaign NOW by sending the email below to the Mayor and linked City Hall officials. Be sure to add your name and zip code to your email. We also encourage you to personalize your email with your own insights should you wish.

BACKGROUND: The City of Los Angeles, like every California city, is required to update its Housing Element every 8 years. The City complied this past fall. The problem is that the City’s new Housing Element identifies zoning for 1.4 million new housing units to the City’s zoning plan, when compliance only required the City to add 255,000 newly zoned housing units.

Where does the City propose to find room for all these extra housing units? In our single family residential neighborhoods. Yes, we have a critical shortage of AFFORDABLE housing. But the City has ample room for this housing to be built on our underutilized commercial corridors, public land and through adaptive reuse, without tearing down our single-family neighborhoods.

MAKE YOUR VOICE HEARD: Click to send United Neighbor’s email below to the City Hall officials. Please take action today. Let’s be United in this effort and make a big impact.

The City of Los Angeles is out to end single-family neighborhoods

While there is no doubt that Los Angeles needs more affordable housing, there is also no doubt that the LA City Planning Department is currently proposing the rezoning of our single-family and sensitive multi-family neighborhoods to allow 4-5 story apartments. This is not acceptable! Many of these neighborhoods are home to people who have struggled and saved to create a place for their families. With zero guardrails, Planning is handing these residential communities over to developers.
Instead of destroying residential neighborhoods, we’ve worked with neighborhoods across Los Angeles and created community maps that locate enough housing to meet the state’s housing mandate.   These community-based maps rezone underutilized commercial corridors, public lands, and create places for mixed income housing that would revitalize ALL our communities and make them more walkable, sustainable, and livable. While being mindful of Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing, we can meet the need of our city without ruining our existing neighborhoods. 

Our mayor has said, “I would not and I do not believe you force things on people. But you do involve people and let them come up with their own solutions. The attitude has to be ‘we all have skin in the game’ and given that how do you deal with it in your neighborhood.”
We, United Neighbors, are doing our part to find solutions but is the City willing to let us have skin in the game?

We don’t need to destroy our housing to build new housing.

Now we need YOUR HELP! Tell your elected representative to stop needless rezoning of your neighborhoods!
Click Your Council Member Below to Generate an email to them.
CD1 – Eunisses Hernandez
CD2 – Paul Krekorian
CD3 – Bob Blumenfield
CD4 – Nithya Raman
CD5 – Katy Yaroslavsky
CD6 – Imelda Padilla
CD7 – Monica Rodriquez
CD8 – Marqueece Harris-Dawson
CD9 – Curren Price Jr
CD10 – Heather Hutt
CD11 – Traci Park
CD12 – John Lee
CD13 – Hugo Soto-Martinez
CD 14 – Kevin De Leon
CD15 – Tim McOsker


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