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Another Continuance for Larchmont Bungalow Criminal Case


At a scheduled court appearance today, the Larchmont Bungalow was granted another continuance in the criminal case against it filed by the City of Los Angeles.

Today’s hearing was scheduled to review progress toward fulfillment of a plea deal in a criminal case against the Larchmont Bungalow and its late owner Albert Mizrahi (Mizrahi entered a plea of “no contest” last February to three criminal charges that he violated several laws in the operation of the restaurant), the defendants’ representative Richard Hirsch requested a continuance, arguing that since Mizrahi passed away six months ago, Larchmont Village Partners, a Limited Liability Corporation in which Mizrahi was the sole manager, has no chief officer.  Hirsch said the defendants need more time to comply with a court order that requires them to bring the Bungalow into compliance with local operating laws within 18 months, or face closure of the restaurant, and that there has been so much to deal with in Mizrahi’s businesses since his death, they have not yet been able to replace him as principal officer.

Open today for business as usual.

City Attorney Serena Christion, who has prosecuted the case, opposed the request, saying her office would like to withdraw the plea bargain and allow the case to go to trial, because there is currently no responsible party with whom to carry out the deal.

The judge granted the continuance until March 23, but required that Hirsch and the defendants submit a brief of their arguments 21 days before that hearing, with a requirement that the City Attorney will respond to the brief 14 days before the hearing, and the defendants respond to her within 7 days of the hearing.

A quick stop at the restaurant after the hearing today confirmed that it appears to be still operating as usual.

[Buzz Publishers Patricia Lombard and Elizabeth Fuller contributed to this story.]


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  1. “Hirsch said the defendants need more time to comply with a court order that requires them to bring the Bungalow into compliance with local operating laws within 18 months”.

    REALLY? We can be there this afternoon and help them carry all the tables and chairs out. They have been playing this system too long. Keep the pressure on.

  2. For someone who had a business on the boulevard for many years and worked hard to ensure we all played by the same rules this is a disappointment. We put regulations and conditions in place to benefit the Neighborhood and the boulevard. What happened?

  3. It’s a big joke . Our leaders ? …a bigger joke

    I’ve watched it for 20 years. Equal and fair playing field ? Ha ha ha.
    They’re not the only ones in violation of permits

  4. we have a president that grabs:) and Larchmont is worried about parking. i dont know why Larchmont people think its the most amazing village in the world. to me its just a over price village. the way thy treated Albert Mizrahi its very sad he was a amazing person.i met Albert few times. when he open the Bungalow he was very excited. when he bought the property on larchmont he was very excited. just look at the building he bought and and transform them into great space. i truly believe that the stress he got from Larcmont people that wanted him to close the place down that stress cost him his life. i dont know why American people will treat a fallow American like this this. he provided jobs he invested in larchmont what he got stress and cost him his life. i hope now people from larchmont will live with the bad conscience for rest of the life. my advice to Mizrahi family close the bungalow and rented out to some major food chain food to go only thats what thy want. just sit home and collect the rent. my father once told me if you hate someone that means you hate me. he also to told me if you want to live happy and longer you must say hi to new person every day. well i say hi to all the people from larchmont.
    happy Easter


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