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Baskin Robbins to Close Saturday After More Than 45 Years on Larchmont Boulevard

The Larchmont Boulevard Baskin Robbins will close at the end of the business day on Saturday, December 22nd. According to owner Abel Eljam, it is time for change. The franchise will not continue on the Boulevard, nor will Eljam move his franchise elsewhere.

Baskin Robbins has been on Larchmont Boulevard for more than 45 years, 12 of those years under Eljam’s ownership. He assured us that this closure has nothing to do with the landlord increasing his rent, nothing to do with his loyal customers…just that he needs to move on.

Could it be that there are too many dessert shops on Larchmont? Eljam assured us that his decision to close isn’t about business being poor.

This shop has been part of the fabric of the Boulevard for as long as most of us can remember. It’s the place on Larchmont Boulevard where we take our kids as a reward for special accomplishments…or just to put a smile on their face. Their birthday cakes are must-haves at birthday parties. It’s one of those places we can sneak away to and connect to our inner youth. We’ll still be able to do these things…it just won’t be at the Baskin Robbins on Larchmont Boulevard.


So where do we go for our Baskin Robbins ice cream cakes after Saturday? We don’t know if you’ve noticed, but the Baskin Robbins on 3rd Street west of Fairfax closed after a car drove through the window. The estimated price for repairs made it cost prohibitive to continue on and the store never re-opened. Here are the other closest options:

  • 4048 W. 3rd St, 90020 – 3rd Street at South Ardmore
  • 759 S Vermont Ave, 90005 – Vermont at 8th Street
  • 1832 N. Western Ave, 90027 – Western just south of Franklin

There are still a few days left to take in the memory of the Larchmont Boulevard Baskin Robbins…mint chocolate-chip for the road, anyone?



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  1. Halle — My favorite ice cream there is Gold Medal Ribbon; my dad likes Pralines & Cream. My sister went there after getting her front tooth pulled a few years ago. I am so depressed and sad that I have to let this place out of my favorite shops list.

    Lauren –I’ve been going there ever since I was little and I always sat at the little picnic table in the front of the store and looked at all the ice cream cakes. It is a shame that this ice cream shop must shut down. Halle and I are already planning to make our last visit to the shop ASAP.

  2. This is horrible news! We, too, immediately said “Can’t someone buy the franchise?” I grew up with B&R in Ohio as an almost daily stop after school (healthy, I know), and have loved having one for my kids too. SUCH a bummer.

  3. So many ice cream cones, all chocolate, I must confess; so many ice cream cakes celebrating so many occasions over the past 20 years that we have lived in the neighborhood. I remember the family who owned it before too. The closing of Basking Robbins is a very sad news but I hope it will be a new beginning for Abel and his family. Thank you for all the service and all the great ice cream. Best wishes to you and your family.

  4. Before Baskin Robbins arrived on Larchmont there was an ice cream shop called “Pat’s”. It was on the west side of the street, next door to “Strats”(I think)where you could take the ice cream you bought & listen to 45rpm records in a booth.

    When Baskin Robbins arrived, local high school students, & others, picketed the new Baskin Robbins store because we did not want Pat & his neighborhood store to be driven out of business by an unfeeling corporation. (Remember this was the mid sixty’s). The protest & picketing was covered by the TV news stations. Pat’s was closed shortly after Baskin Robbins opened.

    I am sorry to see Baskin Robbins leave. It’s closing, however, will remove a convenient diet breaking temptation from from my sight.

  5. There’s not really a shortage of 31 Flavor stores around but this one’s er was ours. And that same gentleman’s been behind the counter scooping for eons too.

  6. I and my four siblings ALL worked there sequentially as we got old enough. We worked for Egan Kampczyk. It remains a memorable shared link for us and packed with memories. I served Muhammad Ali ice cream there (or was that my brother), flirted with Marlborough girls, and actually tasted licorice ice cream. And yes, I even have my original white B-R shirt (though, for ice cream-related reasons, it does not fit anymore). jb


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