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Coyote Sighting with a New Twist

coyote windsor square
Photo courtesy of a Windsor Village resident. (File photo from earlier this year.)

Coyote sightings are becoming almost routine in our neighborhoods this year, but on October 15, Buzz reader and Windsor Village resident Joseph F. Gomez saw a coyote with a new twist near 8th and Windsor:

“Around 5:30 this morning as I was patrolling the area I saw 2 young coyotes on the corner of 8th St & Windsor. I noticed that one of them had what looked like a GPS around his/her neck. I also was able to see a red light blinking. I followed both of them for about 15 mins. and they just keep walking from 8th St. to Francis and then they’d walk back to 8th St. They then started walking westbound on 8th St. to Plymouth. I did see a couple of residents walking around with their dogs and I warned them of the coyotes. I lost sight of them on the 900 block of Plymouth. Be extra careful when walking your dogs this early.”

Another neighbor sent Mr. Gomez’s comments to Los Angeles Department of Animal Services Wildlife Officer Hoang Dinh, and shared his response with us.  Mr. Dinh called the sighting “very unusual” and said:

“…there is a coyote (C144) with a collar in Echo Park. She has been reported as far south/west as the 100 block of S. Hoover. It would be very interesting to verify this coyote to be [the one] on 8th & Windsor. Please let me know if there are more reports and/or photos. The reason why a coyote…may have a collar on it is because the National Park Services (NPS) is doing very important research on urban coyotes in hopes of trying to reach an overall better solution(s). They are tracking them and collecting their excrement to analyze just how active they are in our area and what their diet really consists of (e.g. what percentage of their diet really consists of our pets?).”

Mr. Dinh noted that people can follow the NPS tracking efforts on that organization’s Facebook page. He also said he is trying to help the NPS by passing along residents’ reports of sightings that may be missed by NPS technology. For more information, you can message the NPS at the Facebook link above, or contact Officer Dinh at [email protected]

 Mr. Dinh added that for people concerned about coyotes during Halloween trick-or-treating this weekend, just remember that the usual cautions apply:  “Just like being vigilant for crimes. Always have an adult supervise and very importantly, stay in a close group.”  One difference, though, is that “criminals may not be attracted to the smell of goodies like the animals, [so] make sure to dispose of the wrappers and uneaten candies and snacks, so no animals can reach it. We definitely do not want them to linger after all the festivities. Wash hands and faces after eating such delicious treats (we have had a report of a raccoon licking peanut butter from a child’s cheek, resulting in the raccoon’s death, for it was reported as an attack).”

And, finally,  he reminds everyone to “also report any stray dogs, and keep in mind our domestic pets are actually far more dangerous than the coyotes. All in all, stay close together (looking like one large being), keep eye contact, yell not scream, [and report] the coyote’s location for others to either know or assist in scaring it away.”



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Elizabeth Fuller
Elizabeth Fuller
Elizabeth Fuller was born and raised in Minneapolis, MN but has lived in LA since 1991 - with deep roots in both the Sycamore Square and West Adams Heights-Sugar Hill neighborhoods. She spent 10 years with the Greater Wilshire Neighborhood Council, volunteers at Wilshire Crest Elementary School, and has been writing for the Buzz since 2015.

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  1. Yes, I just ran into one healthy young coyote today Saturday October 30th at about 5,30 in between San Vicente and Pico.

    This is no sick or old coyote like the one that keeps you company when you play golf at Roosevelt in Griffith Park; this is a large young and muscular coyote that is not afraid.

    E-mailed Mr. Dinh about it; I hope all the numerous small pets and trick and treaters are safe tonite..!

    never in my 15 years in the Miracle Mile did I see anything like it..let’s hope he gets captured and released in the wild asap.


  2. 11-24-15 Thanksgiving Eve 5:45 PM. Coyote shadowing my girlfriend and her dog. Corner of Lorraine blvd and 4th street Hancock Park/Larchmont Village.

    AGAIN – – TWO COYOTES Sat 11-28-15 10:30 PM SAME corner only going down Lorraine toward 3rd this time from 4th street.
    City council could care less nor Fish & Game. Reports made to the community and proper authorities to no avail. No calls returned, No voicemails even set up during the holidays.

    Let me know when a child gets snatched up so I can say “I told ya so”. Maybe THEN action will be taken.

    Prospective home buyers to the area – take this into consideration the lack of non-concern to the local neighborhoods and community all the while charging you the taxes that they do.

    A scarred child or animal is NOT an investment. The city of Los Angeles is more than Lax in this ongoing situation as 12 or more sightings have been reported this season alone.


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