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Curb Address Repainting Does Have City Approval

Currently, there is an organization repainting curb addresses in some parts of our neighborhood, including Windsor Square. They have left flyers outlining the fact that they have City approval (permit) to perform this function.

Larchmont Buzz looked into this earlier in the week and discovered that indeed the group, operating as Care for the Children, is the only organization to be issued a permit to repaint curb addresses by the City of Los Angeles. Care for the Children is a non-profit group that states their purpose as raising money to help provide free clothing to children of less fortunate families.

While it’s nice to have a fresh curb address, homeowners should not feel obligated to donate. First of all, if you don’t want your curb address painted, then follow the instructions on the flyer and leave the flyer (or a note) taped to the curb at the area of the address indicating you don’t want it painted.

If the curb address is painted and a representative of the organization comes to your door to ask for a donation homeowners should ask to see a copy of the permit and/or personal identification before opening the door (in the interest of safety). The organization is not allowed to demand a donation. It is acceptable to offer any amount you feel the job is worth.

If there are any issues with any of their workers, homeowners are encouraged to call the Bureau of Street Services Enforcement Division at (213) 847-6000.


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Mary has lived in the Hancock Park area for over 20 years - including homes in Larchmont Village and Windsor Square. Mary has lived in some great places in her life - but none compare to the convenience and majesty of our neighborhood. For Mary, the neighborhood has been a wonderful home to her large, extended one time she had family members living on seven different Hancock Park area blocks! Larchmont Buzz is a labor of love - built to celebrate the neighborhood and to elevate the conversation in the area.

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  1. There is no “instruction on flyer” showing how to avoid getting address painted. That is NOT good. Also, I checked the LA City Dept of Public Works (Bureau of Street Services) website and they show that the permit number is “not issued”, so I am concerned about the legitimacy of this company. I do want my address re-painted so I plan on checking the quality of the work and the attitude of the representative to decide how much I will donate.

    • Thanks Stu…yes, you are right. The instruction isn’t there. We did get word back from the Bureau of Street Services that they are legitimate. I will check again in the AM to confirm what you saw on the website. Never hurts to double check:)

      I did forget to mention – do check for accuracy. So important – especially as it pertains to N vs S.

  2. I’m having trouble finding out if this organization has an appropriate track record and rating. I’ve tried several sites for verifying charities and can’t find them there. They may have a permit but how do we know they actually give the money to charity?

  3. I am so tired of this curb-painting scam. I received the same sort of notice not long ago, also requesting $20. Why should I take the time to find tape, and tape their notice over my number. In the past, when I did this, the notice blew away.

    My address is painted on the curb–by a legitimate painter that I hired to put it there. Please get these people out of our neighborhood.

  4. If they do a good job, I give them $3-5 dollars, depending on attitude and time they appear at my door. Having the address painted is good for emergency response personnel and those who come to visit. I understand people get frustrated when different groups come and paint the curbs every few months.

  5. The home numbers are on the houses in many cases. If not the numbers are cheap. A car can block curb number but not a number on my house. I don’t care to have someone doing such a minor thing every year which I do not personally contract to do and then even when I post that I do not want it they come by and knock asking for money.


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