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Hancock Park HOA News: New Parkway Trees Coming to Hancock Park!

Out with the old, in with the news! New parkway trees are coming to Hancock Park neighborhood.

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Dear Hancock Park Residents and Neighbors,

We have been working with the department of Urban Forestry’s Division Manager, David Miranda and StreetsLA Executive Director, Keith Mozee to have many of our dead and dying Parkway Trees removed. This month they will be removing 30+ trees, which were identified, evaluated and tagged for removal by our Hancock Park resident arborist Sabine Hoppner and Parkway Tree Committee and approved for removal by the HPOZ and Urban Forestry. Once the trees and stumps (older stumps will be removed too) are cleared the HOA will replace them with healthy 24 in boxed trees. This summer we will also be helping to fund water trucks – as needed for the newly planted trees.

In 2018, the Hancock Park Master Tree Plan was developed by the HP Tree Committee and approved by Urban Forestry and HPOZ Planners. Hancock Park is one of very few Los Angeles HPOZ’s with a protected Parkway Trees/ Public Realm provision. Please have a look at the Hancock Park Master Tree Plan to see what type of tree will be replanted on your parkway. Click here to view the plan or this link:

Before we plant a new tree, we need to have you sign a “permission to plant form.” Please contact Tree Committee Chair Deborah Trainer at [email protected] with your name, address and email address, so she can forward you the form which you can send back to us via email scan, fax or mail. At this time only trees that have been “tagged” with a white mark on the curb or yellow tape will be removed.

The HPHOA uses a portion of our annual dues and donations to be able to purchase, plant and maintain new parkway trees until they become established. Our beautiful Urban Parkway Canopy continues to depend on our neighborhood and resident’s care- especially now.

Thank you to all our Hancock Park residents and neighbors who make our neighborhood a wonderful place to live and work and a special thanks to everyone who contributes to and supports the Hancock Park HOA.


Cindy Chvatal-Keane, President
on Behalf of the HPHOA

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