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Larchmont Boulevard Corner to be Future Home to Chipotle

Chipotle Mexican Grill has confirmed that they will be taking over the Koo Koo Roo space at the northwest corner of Larchmont Boulevard and Beverly Boulevard.

In speaking with corporate headquarters in Denver, the Buzz learned that construction on the current building will begin by the end of October, and that they expect to  open for business sometime in the first quarter of 2013. While they wouldn’t be specific on the Larchmont Village site, the Chipotle rep said that the company has a keen interest in working with the existing space and remodeling it to fit the look and feel of the typical Chipotle design which includes counter ordering and sit down tables. On their website, Chipotle states they take pride in being an active part of the neighborhoods in which they operate.

As Larchmont Buzz reported on Monday, Koo Koo Roo is closing their Larchmont location this week after 7 years at this site.

BizmologyChipotle Mexican Grill Continues Rapid Expansion

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Mary has lived in the Hancock Park area for over 20 years - including homes in Larchmont Village and Windsor Square. Mary has lived in some great places in her life - but none compare to the convenience and majesty of our neighborhood. For Mary, the neighborhood has been a wonderful home to her large, extended one time she had family members living on seven different Hancock Park area blocks! Larchmont Buzz is a labor of love - built to celebrate the neighborhood and to elevate the conversation in the area.

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  1. Out with the old & in with the new. Works for me. Don’t know why but the Koo Koo was off my dining radar. Gosh they’ve been on the blvd for years too.

  2. Koo Koo Roo not what it once was but I am a bit sad to see it go after so many years. At the same time, Chipotle has high quality fast food, pretty healthy ingredients with increased organic content, and is very well managed with a good corporate culture(so they should be good local citizens). Their growth has slowed somewhat from the past, so their stock is down(ie. down 14% so far today after earnings reported last night), as the weaker economy and some think competition are affecting them more, but a good company.

  3. Koo Koo Roo was overpriced in my opinion and the food wasn’t that great for the price we paid. Chipotle will do well on that corner and I can’t wait until it opens up. I’m so happy that more Chipotle restaurants are opening up.


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