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Meet Your GWNC Election Candidates

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Elections for all 21 seats on the Greater Wilshire Neighborhood Council’s Board of Directors are up for election this Sunday (May 1 – 12-4 p.m. at the Barking Lot, 366 N. Larchmont Blvd.)  The GWNC represents the area roughly bounded by Melrose Ave., Manhattan Pl., Olympic Blvd. and La Brea Ave. (see map for exact boundaries and your geographic area within the overall boundaries).  Anyone who lives, works or owns property within the area is eligible to vote in this grass-roots election.

Most GWNC stakeholders are eligible to vote for two seats in Sunday’s election – the one representing the geographic area in which they live, work or own property…and either an At Large seat, or one of several special interest seats: Religion, Education, Business, Renters or Other Non-Profit organization.  People who don’t live, work or own property in the neighborhood, but who do actively participate in a local organization that fits one of those special interest categories, can vote in that category only.  And people who don’t live, work or own property in the neighborhood, and don’t participate with a local religious organization, school, business or non-profit, but who do still claim some other kind of connection to the neighborhood, can vote only in the At Large race.  (See our previous story for more details on the elections, voter qualifications, voter registration and other important information on voting.)

In general, the 37 candidates running for seats in this election are a reflection of the neighborhood itself – stakeholders who represent a wide range of backgrounds, cultures, ethnicities, income levels, careers and ages.  Here are the statements and photos they have submitted to stakeholders:

Area 1 – Brookside

Owen Smith
No statement or photo.

Area 2 – Citrus Square

Jeffry Carpenter

Jeffry Carpenter
Statement: “To My Neighbors in “Citrus Square”– I am an Orange Drive property owner and resident (since 1994) and a long-time urban planner in the area. I am running for a third two-year term as the Area representative of the area bounded by 3rd, LaBrea, Beverly and the east side of Citrus. When I was first elected to the GWNC board four years ago, the board also then elected me as the GWNC secretary. While that has been an honor and an education, if again elected, I intend to step aside as a board officer to spend more time on our local issues that include:

    • conservation of the special qualities of our neighborhood streets
    • protection and replenishment of our aging street trees
    • improving and enhancing the relationship of commercial properties with neighborhood residents
    • generally improving the safety and walk-ability of our local area.

Whether or not I am your representative, I hope to get to know everyone better and to hear your thoughts and concerns.”

Aaron Mayer
No statement or photo.

Adam Christopher Morgens
No statement or photo.

Cynthia Pearson
Statement: “As a resident of the area for more than a decade, I can say that the Greater Wilshire neighborhood represents much of the best of LA, from the culture to the architecture to the retail to the residential streets. I would be honored to represent Citrus Square and work on behalf of my wonderful neighbors to serve my vibrant, interesting community.

I am an attorney, practicing in the areas of trusts and estates law and corporate law, including work with nonprofit organizations, specifically arts organizations. My volunteer background includes service with the Los Angeles Music and Arts School, Kaleidoscope Chamber Orchestra, and the Los Angeles Public Library Adult Literacy Program.”

Area 3 – Country Club Heights

Frances Jean McFall
No statement or photo.

Area 4 – Fremont Place

Cam Davis

Cam Davis
Statement: “I have been asked by the Fremont Place Neighborhood Association to represent them and report to them on the meetings. While I have only lived in the neighborhood for four years, I have been active in various charities for many years. Most recently I served as Chair of Make-A-Wish of Greater Los Angeles. I am a non-practicing attorney and currently a financial advisor at a large international bank.”

Bobbie Kumetz

Bobbie Kumetz
Statement: “My name is Bobbie Kumetz. I’m an attorney and I have been an active Board Member of my HOA in Fremont Place for many years. I’ve lived in Fremont Place for over 30 years and I’m looking forward to working with the GWNC in the future as I have always been interested in our community and it’s issues.”

Area 5 – Hancock Park

James Wolf
No statement or photo.

Area 6 – LaBrea – Hancock

Bradley E. Jewett
Statement: “I have been living on the 600 block of South Sycamore Ave. since April 2012, and serving as the co-Vice President on the La Brea Hancock HOA since 2013. Professionally, I am a partner in the downtown Los Angeles civil litigation firm Sanders Roberts & Jewett, LLP. Personally, I am married and have two young boys, and am thus highly invested in making our community as safe and family-friendly as possible.”

Barbara Savage
Statement: “I have served as the alternate for Bill Funderburk for the last 3 years. I have also served as the president of my HOA for 3 years.”

Area 7 – Larchmont Village

Charles D’Atri

Charles D’Atri
Statement: “The historic neighborhood of Larchmont Village, and the Greater Wilshire area, have never been more popular and in-demand while at the same time more stressed by quality of life issues including crime, traffic, crass development and an inattentive city government. As my 10+ years as a member and officer of the Larchmont Village Neighborhood Association attest, I am committed to defending the values and unique character of our neighborhood as well as fighting against those forces which intend to degrade and exploit it.”

Paul Hunter

Paul Hunter
Statement: “I love Larchmont. I have owned a home on Arden since 2000. Some of the gentrification in the region is exciting; other aspects, like mansionization, terrifies me. I am fascinated by the transformation of LA and want to take an active part in not only preserving the charm of our neighborhood, but helping it evolve. I have much knowledge to pull from:

– My grandfather and great great uncle were LA architects.
– I restored and live in one of the only single family homes left in Los Angeles by ‘pre-modernist” architect Irving Gill.
– I have a Masters from Harvard’s Graduate School of Design. My focus included: real estate development, urban planning and infrastructure sustainability.
– I worked as a researcher and producer on a documentary about urbanist, Jane Jacobs, and author of THE DEATH AND LIFE OF GREAT AMERICAN CITIES. I interviewed most of the prominent urban planners, architects and city thought-leaders of our time.
– is one of the few sites I check daily.”

Area 8 – Melrose

Philip a. Farha

Philip A. Farha
Statement: “I have lived in this area for the 8 years and joined the GWNC board as an Alternate last year. I love my area’s homes, businesses, restaurants, coffee shops and the rich diversity of people who live and work here.

I am running to strengthen our neighborhood’s residential character and protect our investment in it during a time when this growing city defines its own future. I believe in transparent laws and processes, common sense, fairness and in speaking out for those neighborhood voices who may otherwise go unheard.

I am married to my lovely wife Meryl and we are parents to our young kids, Lucius (10) and Clio (8). In many ways, I am running for them. Sure, we all deserve a great neighborhood but Council decisions carry lasting effects. It’s our present but it’s their future.
I kindly ask for your support in this election.”

Area 9 – Oakwood – Maplewood – St. Andrews

Ryan Fitzgerald

Ryan Fitzgerald
No statement.

Nancy Kim

Nancy Kim
Statement: “I’ve resided in GA9 for over 20 years, since I was only 4-years-old. Growing up, I became trilingual and now speak English, Spanish, and Korean and now use these linguistic capacities in my role as a Community Organizer in Los Angeles to improve the quality of life in local neighborhoods by working together with community residents and organizations. This involves promoting social connections between neighbors, civic engagement, and connecting residents to community resources that creates positive impacts on their blocks. Working in this capacity, it has been my pleasure to learn more in-depth about the needs of the different communities of Los Angeles and how to connect creative solutions and existing resources (including City and County) to local residents. I hope to serve my own neighbors and community with the same passion, dedication, and experience that is demonstrated in my professional capacity. Thank you!”

Max Kirkham

Max Kirkham
Statement: “Are you tired of feeling unheard by your city government? Does the system feel like it’s impossible to understand? I get it. I find myself scratching my head over the way it works too sometimes. That’s why I’m asking for your vote. I will work to make sure that this government not only works for all my neighbors. But that it strives to do so in a way that is open, transparent, and accountable.

I love living in Los Angeles. I cannot wait to work for you. For all of us. Turning the City of Angels, back into the shining city on a hill I know it can be.”

Area 10 – Ridgewood–Wilton/St. Andrews Square

Patricia Carroll

Patricia Carroll
Statement: “Representing Area 10, Ridgewood-Wilton /St. Andrews Square, the Eastern Boarder of our NC, I am a keen preservationist and actively work with my neighbors in SASNA and RWNA to protect against land use infringements and other issues in our area. I am currently Treasurer of the GWNC and serve on the Outreach and Land Use Committees. My Family have been stakeholders in St Andrews Sq since the 50’s when my Father bought our first home on Manhattan Pl. where my Grandparents eventually lived. My Aunt and Uncle lived on Gramercy Pl. This is an area that I truly understand and care about. I have worked with our neighborhood landmarking several homes in our culturally rich, creative and eclectic area and hope to eventually landmark our wonderful Art Deco Building at 142 N Manhattan Place… as well as many more buildings in the SASNA/RWNA neighborhoods..Two of the best kept secrets in Los Angeles!

I am also on the board of the Larchmont Blvd. Association and the Anderson-Munger YMCA.”

Kathleen Mulligan
Statement: “I have been serving as the Alternate Director for St. Andrews Square-Wilton for several years, with Patricia Carroll as the Director. I have lived in the Ridgewood Wilton Neighborhood since 2000 and was previously the president of and a board member of the Ridgewood Wilton Neighborhood Association for several years. Some of our achievements during that period were construction and planting of the two green islands at the intersections of Wilton Place and First and Second Streets, and the installation of historically appropriate streetlights on Wilton Drive and Ridgewood Place. Neighbors worked together for years to achieve these goals. We also have had excellent working relations with the LAPD and City Council District 4. I hope you choose to vote for me and I look forward to serving on GWNC again.”

Area 11 – Sycamore Square

Sue Horwitz

Sue Horwitz
Statement: “Hi, I am Sue Horwitz. I’ve lived, worked, and been a homeowner in Sycamore Square since 1991. I’ve been active in our neighborhood’s affairs; previously as President and currently Vice President of the Sycamore Square Neighborhood Association. I believe the character of small neighborhoods, the lifeblood of Los Angeles, is worth preserving. I’ve worked to further our neighborhood’s agenda with CD4, the city, and metro. My experiences on the board, as a business owner, as a Certified Professional Coach, and as a parent, enable me to communicate effectively and build consensus. In addition to serving my neighborhood, I like to get things done.”

David Kaye

David Kaye
Statement: “If you want to enhance YOUR neighborhood.
If you prefer street cleaning on your block be 9 AM instead of 8.
If you want the pace of the Wilshire Metro construction sped up and finished with already.
If you want cracked streets and sidewalks fixed.
If you want your voice to be heard and a fellow neighbor of action to make them heard! Vote David Kaye.

As a CEO and someone with vast world experience, my goals are always down to earth, strategic, achievable and customer centric.
As your candidate, you can be sure, an energetic passionate nominee will work tirelessly to bring change to our neighborhood.
There are many local issues we have to deal with daily – Local does not mean small.
Our government is here to make all our lives easier not just the ones with the loudest talkers.
Vote David Kaye 2016!
Vote for our neighborhood!
Get a better neighborhood to live in every day.”

Steven Senigram
Statement: “I have lived on the 800 block of south Orange Drive for 26 years. I am an active member on the Sycamore Square Board. My wife is a teacher at John Burroughs Middle School and I am a realtor. The only promise I can give is a tireless effort to address any issues we have and to make our neighborhoods the best they can be. I, like you, have a vested interest in our area.”

Area 12 – Western-Wilton

Greg Wittman 
No statement or photo.

Area 13 – Wilshire Park

John Gresham
No statement or photo.

Robby O’Donnell
No statement or photo.

Area 14 – Windsor Square

Caroline Labiner Moser

Caroline Labiner Moser
Statement: “The Greater Wilshire Neighborhood Council well represents a historically important part of Los Angeles. I am grateful both to benefit from and help with the work that we do. I have had the honor to work with some remarkable people as an Alternate and member of the Land Use Committee since 2010. I would like to continue to help as a Board Member representing Windsor Square.

I am an architect born and raised in Los Angeles with a local practice specializing in historic buildings and historic neighborhoods. I am a Board member of the Windsor Square Association, Park Mile Design Review Board, Windsor Square and Harvard Heights HPOZ Boards, the Ebell and the Natural History Museum. It would be a privilege to represent the interests of our special community and its members on the GWNC.”

Area 15 – Windsor Village

Julie Stromberg

Julie Stromberg
Statement: “A Windsor Village resident since 2011, I proudly served my community as their GWNC Board representative from 2014-2016. I also serve as Chair of the GWNC Sustainability Committee, Chair of the Transportation Committee, and member of the Land Use Committee. An active GWNC member, I organized programs to engage stakeholders and improve our neighborhood, ranging from educational to infrastructure repair programs. A dedicated member of my community, I serve on the Windsor Village Association (WVA) Board, Chair of Friends of Harold Henry Park, and Chair of the WVA Community Block Party Committee. As a community representative, I engage my neighbors in our community by creating awareness on important issues, such as crime and wildlife issues. In addition to my community activities, I am an attorney and proud mother of two young children. Preserving a friendly and community-focused neighborhood is very important to me. To that end, I wish to continue serving my community on the GWNC Board.”

At-Large Representative

Karen Gilman
Statement: “I have lived in the Larchmont Village area since 1986. Our family’s involvement in the Larchmont Village Neighborhood Assn. dates back to the beginning of the organization. I care deeply about neighborhood spirit and am very concerned about neighborhood preservation, crime prevention, quality of life in our residential neighborhood, land use and development issues, traffic & pedestrian safety, and maintaining & creating parks and other green spaces in our neighborhood. Recently I have served as the GWNC At-Large Alternate and also as a member of the Land Use Committee. I am the Larchmont Village Neighborhood Assn. board secretary. I volunteer side by side with many neighbors. I understand the Greater Wilshire Neighborhood Council’s mandate and I pledge to help represent our neighborhood and the Greater Wilshire area at large if re-elected to serve you.”

Version 2
Phivan Ha

Phivan Ha
Statement: “I have been a resident of the Greater Wilshire Neighborhood since 2013 and I love where I live. I am interested in becoming a candidate for the GWNC election in 2016 because I feel like there are many issues at stake and I am interested in working more collaboratively with the community to address them. By trade, I am a community nutritionist and I collaborate with many organizations including the American Diabetes Association, Los Angeles Food Policy Council, Los Angeles Community Garden Council, Downtown Women’s Center, and many more in the greater Los Angeles area. I am currently working with the Friends of Wilshire Library to build and sustain a community garden at the LAPL Wilshire Branch library. I see many opportunities in the Greater Wilshire Neighborhood where the community can come together and support each other. My goal is to create and facilitate a safe and supportive environment where our neighborhood can thrive in collaborative efforts and open communications.”

Renter Representative:

Joe Hoffman

Joe Hoffman
Statement: “I have lived in the Greater Wilshire area as a Windsor Village resident for over 9 years. Currently, I serve as the Renter Representative on the GWNC and on the Land Use and Outreach committees. I am, and always have been, a renter. I am actively engaged in issues facing renters like affordable housing, Ellis Act evictions, development, and homelessness. I seek to continue my advocacy as a board member of the GWNC to give a voice to this significant portion of our population, and to engage and inform them as equal members of our community.”

James Rosales
Statement: “As a business owner and creative artist, I’ve spent the past few years paving my own road, learning new things, living passionately, and taking on new challenges. Every day for me is a learning experience, whether through connecting with people, working on remarkable projects or even coming across obstacles and difficult situations. I believe these experiences are the mere essence of what makes me strong, knowledgeable and passionate about what I do.

I believe in giving back to the community and helping others achieve their dreams and goals.”

Business Representative:

John Winther
No statement or photo.

Religion Representative:

Mike Genewick

Mike Genewick
Statement: “Michael Genewick has been a resident of Windsor Square and a member of St. Brendan Roman Catholic Church for 44 years. Currently he serves as a Lector and an Extraordinary Minister of the Eucharist. He and his wife Kathi raised five children who attended St. Brendan School. An active member of AYSO soccer for over 20 years in the Greater Wilshire neighborhood, Mike now serves as Treasurer of the Windsor Square Association. In 2005, Mike and Kathi traveled to the Holy Land on an Interfaith Pilgrimage as members of a Wilshire Center Interfaith Council group of Christians, Jews and Muslims.”

Other Non-profit Representative:

Colette Amin

Colette Amin
Statement: “It has never been a more exciting time to live and advocate inside the Greater Wilshire Neighborhood Community. Having lived here for 18 years, I was attracted to GWN by our perfect balance of culture, cuisine, history, architecture and the community atmosphere.

For the past 2 years, I’ve had the pleasure of serving on the GWNC board. I served on the Outreach Committee as the candidate liaison for the CD4 Candidates Forum, I also enjoyed implementing and coordinating “Yoga in the Park,” a series of free yoga classes for our community at Robert Burns Park.

In September 2015, I had the unique opportunity to be a part of the planning committee for the City’s Congress of Neighborhood Councils, where I coordinated and moderated the Affordable Housing Workshop. I am also the GWNC Election Chair. My nonprofit experience spans more than 10 years currently 2nd V.P. of WSHP Society and V.P. & Founder of JADV I look forward to continuing my service to our community.Vote for me!”

Tucker Carney

Tucker Carney
No statement.

Education Representative:

No candidates.

GWNC Elections
Sunday, May 1, 12- 4 p.m.
The Barking Lot
366 N. Larchmont Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA  90004

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Elizabeth Fuller
Elizabeth Fuller
Elizabeth Fuller was born and raised in Minneapolis, MN but has lived in LA since 1991 - with deep roots in both the Sycamore Square and West Adams Heights-Sugar Hill neighborhoods. She spent 10 years with the Greater Wilshire Neighborhood Council, volunteers at Wilshire Crest Elementary School, and has been writing for the Buzz since 2015.

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