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Packages Stolen from Front Porches; Local Family Helps Catch Thief

Packages left on front doorsteps are targeted by area thieves.
Packages left on front doorsteps are targeted by area thieves.

Incidents of stolen packages left at area front doors were reported prior to the holidays. The trend continues as it appears to be an easy way for thieves to tap valuable goods.

Thanks to an observant local teen, one such bandit was arrested. Late Monday evening (around 10:30 p.m.) this Norton Avenue resident observed a middle-aged, bald male Hispanic approach the family front door. His car was idling in the street. When he got to the front door, the resident observed him look in the front french door windows, double check them, and then walk back to his car with a large Amazon-type package that presumably had been delivered earlier in the evening. The car proceeded to drive north, slowly, up Norton.

The teen alerted her parents and the father ran after the car. The car was driving slowly enough that when he got to the street it was still yet to get to Beverly. The car appeared to be casing homes, one by one, looking for delivered packages sitting visibly at front doors. He observed the car continue north on Norton and cross Beverly. The car slowly drove to Rosewood, made a left on Rosewood, and made a left on Bronson – the car then drove south on Bronson back to Beverly. By that point the father had run over to Bronson on Beverly and was walking north. He identified the make, model and color of the car as it passed him, but he could not make out the occupant(s). The car made a left on Beverly and then returned back to Norton, right on Norton, and then drove south again, slowly – apparently more casing.

The father immediately called the police and they came quickly, taking descriptions from both the father and the teen. Within 30 minutes they called the father back saying they had detained several suspects. Two officers picked the father and daughter up and took them to a nearby gas station. They identified the suspect and the car – each matched their respective descriptions. The police informed them that the car was stolen and had lots of opened Amazon-type packages with packing material strewn about. The suspect was arrested.


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