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Pavilions Removes the Perimeter Fence After 20 Years

The parking lot at the Pavilions on Vine and Melrose looks a little different these days. You might not be able to put your finger on it right away…then pretty quickly, it hits you. The black fence that used to surround the perimeter of the parking lot is gone. Workers removed the fencing last week and Pavilions has no plans to replace it.

According to Pavilions Store Manager Leticia Perez, the fence was installed as a means of controlling access to the store after the 1992 LA Riots. The company has wanted to remove it for years – feeling that the fence has a negative impact on the way the corner looks and on the immediate neighborhood in general. The company wants to be a better neighbor by creating a more welcoming store – starting with the parking lot.

Perez has been working closely with the Hollywood Community Police Station and the area Senior Lead Officer Julie Noni to make sure the property is secured in other ways. There is a security guard on site from 4pm – 4am everyday; the store uses under cover personnel inside and LAPD is more present on site – including parking an LAPD car on the property to act as a deterrent.

In addition, Pavilions staff is available to accompany any customer to their car – to help load groceries or just to help customers feel safer. Especially at night, we encourage shoppers to take Pavilions up on the offer for their own personal safety.


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  1. Yes have been wondering about the lapd car that often times is parked out front – sometimes all day, everyday. And for a time the same car with the big paint chip on one side.

    Is that really the best use of lapd resources – private security for a supermarket? Or, maybe its just a dummy car.

    It’s not much of a deterrent for the bums that hang out on the corner bus bench thats for sure. Some seem to be regulars there. Hopefully with the fence down they’re not quite has hidden from view as they were with the fence up.

    Anyways, I do like it better with the fence down – looks more welcoming now than with its fenced prison look. Now if they’d keep their rock wall landscaping at the corner cleaner & graffiti free that would be a big plus. And make their bike rack user friendly too, as it is now everyone uses the cart corrals instead.

    • According to Perez…the car is sometimes a plant and sometimes for real. Evidently the LAPD has statistics that show that having an LAPD car present has a positive impact as a deterrent. I guess if I were looking to make trouble I would think twice if I saw an LAPD car…generally I’m just looking to set a record time for getting in and out of the store!

      At first I didn’t like the fence being down…but during the day it does look better. I think if we don’t find it safe enough we have to let them know. They do seem to be responsive.

  2. I agree Susan much easier access/exit since I go there on my bike. And the bus bench bums & the ones that were always sitting on the wall – doesn’t seem to be quite as many now or maybe its the weather.

    Yes, Walter 20 years. Much nicer not having to go behind bars to go grocery shopping.


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