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Proposed 7-Eleven Goes Before Zoning Administrator

New 7-Eleven Proposed at the corner of Olympic and La Brea
Current shopping center to be renovated for proposed 7-Eleven at the corner of Olympic and La Brea

Last summer, after several months of negotiations with representatives from the 7-Eleven company, residents of the Sycamore Square neighborhood voted to support a request for a Conditional Use Beverage (CUB) permit to sell wine and beer at a proposed 7-Eleven to be located at 5273 West Olympic Blvd. (the NE corner of Olympic and La Brea),  in exchange for improvements to the shopping center and a long list of restrictions on the sales of alcohol.

Tara Devine, a representative for 7-Eleven,  told Zoning Administrator Henry Chu in a city hearing on the application yesterday, that after numerous meetings with the Sycamore Square Neighborhood Association, representing the local area, the 7-Eleven project won its support…as well as the support of the Miracle Mile Residential Association, the La Brea-Hancock Homeowners’ Association and the Greater Wilshire Neighborhood Council.

In exchange for the alcohol sales permission, 7-Eleven has agreed to limit the sale of alcohol to beer and wine only; limit the hours of sales to 11 am-11 pm; and prohibit sales of single servings and certain types of alcoholic beverages, including beers with higher alcohol contents. In addition, 7-Eleven has agreed to make significant improvements to upgrade and restore the shopping center where the new store will be located, add security measures including five cameras in and around the store; upgrade and secure the trash enclosure; remove all graffiti within 24 hours; and conduct daily cleaning and sweeping of the premises.  Devine added that 7-Eleven has also agreed not to have a public restroom, though she said it may be required by law.

Recognizing the historic homes in the area and that the current mall is not contributing to the character of the neighborhood, Devine said that  7-Eleven and the property’s owners have committed to improving the facade of the building by removing a relatively modern brick facade and replacing it with stucco more in keeping with the building’s original Mission Revival style architecture. They have also agree to remove some concrete and install drought tolerant landscaping, which the building owner has agreed to maintain. The new store will have large new windows for greater transparency and they will guarantee that no large signs will be installed in the windows.

Lastly, she said, once a franchisee for the location has been selected, they will be instructed to be in contact and meet regularly with the community to insure an ability to work together.

Sue Horwitz, speaking on behalf of the Sycamore Square Neighborhood Association at yesterday’s hearing, confirmed the neighborhood’s support for the negotiated conditions and mitigations.

“We were initially opposed to the sale of alcohol, but learned it was manageable with restrictions to control the sale of single servings and malt liquors,” said Horwitz. “We have worked with them over the past year to construct an agreement.”

Julia Duncan, Land Use Deputy for CD-4 Council member David Ryu asked Zoning Administrator Henry Chu not to approve the permit immediately, but to take it under advisement because her office had not had a chance to speak with the applicants.  According to Duncan, Council member Ryu has issues with applications for CUB permits for convenience stores and gas stations.

Devine said was respectful, but expressed disappointment that she had not heard from the council office until three days ago, and had not been advised of any concerns or complaints that the Council office may have received from the community.  In deference to the council office, Chu said he would take the case under advisement until Friday, April 1. After the meeting concluded, Duncan agreed to meet with Devine at 4 pm today.


Proposed improvements by 7-Eleven and the owner of the shopping mall
Proposed improvements by 7-Eleven and the owner of the shopping mall


Current site at 5281 W Olympic Blvd from Google Maps dated March 2105
Current site at 5273-5281 W. Olympic Blvd from Google Maps dated March 2105


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Patricia Lombard
Patricia Lombard
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