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Questions for CD5 Councilmember Katy Yaroslavsky for The Hancock Park Homeowners Assn Meeting Tonight

Hancock Park Homeowners Assn. Annual Meeting is tonight, Monday, October 16th from 6-8 pm via Zoom. Click here for the link to join.

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The Hancock Park Homeowners Association has prepared questions for CD5 Councilmember Katy Yaroslavsky in advance of the association’s annual meeting on Monday evening. The questions were based on comments and concerns raised by residents in the Hancock Park neighborhood.

Residents and interested neighbors are invited to join the meeting via Zoom starting at 6:00 p.m. Click here for the link. Assemblymember Rick Zbur will also be addressing the meeting along with LAPD Wilshire Division Captain Sonia Monico and Acting Senior Lead Officer Deantre Dantzler. See the revised agenda below.

Questions For Our Council Member

  1. You have pledged, on numerous occasions, to protect Los Angeles’s R1 single family and multi-family zoned neighborhoods from upzoning that will allow large apartment buildings to be built in residential zoned neighborhoods via the Housing Element 2021-2029.
    Please explain your recent votes, at PLUM and also in full Council, against the advice and direction from the Mayor, City Planning and the City Atty to allow a “loophole” in the Mayor’s ED1 directive ( which has been corrected) to permit a 7 story, 200 unit apartment building to be built in an R1 zoned residential neighborhood?

    How will you ensure/reassure your constituents that you will not allow R1 single family and multi family to be upzoned via the Housing Element 2021-2029?
  2. Last winter, heavy rain caused massive, dangerous flooding on Clinton between Lillian Way and Rossmore. A neighborhood meeting at the site was attended by almost all concerned parties, including your office. Department of Sanitation didn’t come, even though they are responsible for fixing the problem. Instead they sent a series of inane questions that evaded responsibility and implied individual homeowners were at fault.

    How will you compel negligent city departments to address difficult, expensive, long term problems? And how will you coordinate these efforts if they require both city and county involvement?

  3. Back in February of this year, we had a significant power outage crisis in our area. We held a town hall meeting with your office, Hugo’s office, and DWP representatives. As chair of the Council’s Energy and Environment Committee, you said that you would stay on top of the DWP’s looking into the problems of lack of and miscommunication to consumers/residents and other internal problems associated with the 3-day outage. With El Nino storms predicted for us we are concerned about the possibility of these same problems occurring again.

    Do you have any updates for us on DWP’s progress and what they are doing in advance to ensure we don’t suffer the same crisis again? We have not received any updates since that time.
  4. We have many dangerous sidewalks that may cause accidents and cost the city liability. We have provided your office with addresses and photos of the most extreme cases. We have also been told the city has no money for sidewalk repair other than ADA mandated upgrades.

    Have you spoken to Engineering and Street departments about our urgent needs? And have you considered using some of your discretionary funds to address these dangerous, potentially expensive sidewalk issues?
  5. To provide interim housing, the city is buying the 294-room Mayfair Hotel in Westlake for $83 million. That’s $282,000 per room. Multiplied by the city’s 30,000 unsheltered population, that’s about $8.5 billion, seven times more than the HHH bonds approved by voters. Not including maintenance costs, utilities, and remedial services. All for 294 families.

    Why are we pursuing such expensive measures when there are cheaper, faster, much more cost-effective options available? What are better ways to address the city’s unsheltered problems, that do not involve eliminating R1 zoning?

  6. Getting people off of the street rapidly into dignified living conditions with support services will save tremendous downstream costs, both to the unhoused (mental and physical deterioration from living on the streets and cost to mainstream) and to those bearing the collateral harm (businesses, housed residents, etc).

    Why isn’t the City addressing the homeless crisis by building tiny homes? Why isn’t the City using this low cost, rapid solution at scale with all of the vacant city, county, state, federal and other land?
  7. In CD 5, what are your performance targets (measures and time frame) regarding homelessness? And, when and what adjustments will your office make if the results are different from the targets?
  8. Each council member gets access to Discretionary Funds through several sources, and the total amount available varies by district and can fluctuate. Although there are guidelines on how the funds can be spent they can still be used in a variety of ways.

    Where can your constituents find a real time accounting of how your office is spending your Discretionary Funds?


Hancock Park Homeowners Association
Monday, October 16th, 2023 – 6:00- 8:00 pm via Zoom


  1. Council District 5 Councilmember Katy Yaroslavsky
  2. Board Member Introductions
  3. Assembly Member Rick Zbur
  4. Neighborhood Security:
    LAPD Wilshire Division Captain Sonia Monico and Acting Senior Lead Officer Deantre Dantzler
  5. HPHOA Committee Updates
  6. Announcement of Board Election Results
  7. Adjournment

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