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Wilshire LAPD Shares Video of Brazen October Robbery at 4th Street and La Brea


Wilshire LAPD shared surveillance video of a crime in progress. In the video, you can see the attack of a 69-year old woman who was robbed in broad daylight in the alley behind the furniture stores at 4th and La Brea. The robbery took place on October 30 at 12:45pm .

KTLA Report

(the code on this video forces user to expand video screen…sorry!)

According to SSA Security Group, the lone woman was  accosted by three (3) Hispanic males. The suspects took a Rolex watch and fled in a black BMW sedan with RUSNAK (auto dealer) paper license plates.

If you have any information regarding this crime, please call LAPD Wilshire Robbery Detective Romero at (213) 922-8215.

SSA Security Group also noted two other crimes in the same vicinity around the same time:

October 30 at 1:40pm – 200 Block of South Highland

The SSA officer assigned to the area was made aware of a possible burglary that had occurred. It has been reported a suspect or suspects entered the home by unknown means and took unknown property. It is unknown if the alarm was set. Information is currently being developed on this crime.

November 1 at 3:15pm – Las Palmas and Waring

Two Hancock Park residents were walking home from the restaurant Grub! As they neared [an apartment building on Las Palmas] they noticed a young, tall and skinny African-American male… coming towards them. He wore a clean white t-shirt, and one of the victims believed he was wearing a grey knit cap. Again, one of the victims observed the male to point a small hand gun at them and state, “Give it to me”. The one victim then stated she observed the male slide the top of the gun back as in cocking (possible automatic pistol) it and repeated his demand. Small gun, like a “throwaway”. The victim took her purse off from around her shoulder and gave it to the male. He immediately ran south on Las Palmas and turned left on Waring. At that time, a Time-Warner truck drove along and the victims stopped him and asked him to call LAPD. Soon, a helicopter was in the area and the police arrived and completed a report.

Property taken was a small amount of cash and credit cards. As a note, one of the victims was contacted and told that there was an attempt usage of one of the cards in Inglewood (buying gas) the next day. Investigation by LAPD is ongoing.

SSA Security suggests the following tips to help improve your personal safety:

1. Be Aware of your Surroundings – Ttry to walk on streets that are well populated and have escape routes even when in a neighborhood that is unfamiliar

2. Keep a low Profile-Your dress, conduct and mannerisms should not attract attention. Make and effort to blend in to the local environment.

3. Be Unpredictable- Vary your routes to and from any outing. Let people close to you know your destination and return route and approximate time you will be gone, if possible.

4. Be Alert- watch for anything suspicious or out of place. Trust your instincts. If you think you are being followed, go immediately to a safe location (law enforcement station, fire station, library, open store, etc) If you are a client of SSA Security, call the car to respond to you if you feel threatened.

5. Suspicious Characteristics to look for:

  • Person out of character or dress for the area
  • Person dress too warmly for the current temperature-large coat that can conceal a weapon
  • Person loitering and seemingly looking at passing people
  • Person semi or fully hiding near the sidewalk or driveway of a home or business
  • Person sitting in a vehicle on the street appearing to be viewing persons walking
  • Carry purses, portfolios or briefcases in a manner that will allow you to let go. Straps placed across your shoulder, around your neck or wrapped around your waist have caused injuries because women could not free themselves during a purse snatch.
  • Always be aware of your surroundings and carry your pocketbook clasp toward you, close to your body, tucked in the bend of your elbow as if it were a football. If there is a long strap, wrap it around the bag.
  • If someone attempts to snatch your purse, let go of it, especially if there is a weapon involved. When dining out, the only place for your purse should be your lap. The back of a chair is an easy target for a thief. Never carry a wallet in a rear pocket; use a front trouser or an inside coat pocket.
  • Be particularly aware of your purse/wallet in crowded situations, such as rush-hour trains and buses. If you are jostled in a crowd, be aware that a pickpocket might be responsible. Beware of arguments or commotions designed to distract you while your pocket or purse is being picked.
  • Minimize the amount of money, credit cards and valuables you carry by only taking items that are necessary for the day. Divide money between your purse/wallet and pockets. Carry your keys on your person separate from your identification.

These are just a few tips that can help you not become a victim of a crime.

SSA Security Group, Inc.
Terry M. Segraves, CFE
Executive Vice-President
Shaw, Segraves & Associates, Inc
SSA Security Group, Inc
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Chatsworth, CA 91311
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