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Windsor Square Singer/Songwriter Mariah McManus

20 year-old Windsor Square resident, Mariah McManus is living the dream. The disciplined singer/songwriter is enjoying the early stages of what is likely to be a long and successful career in music. She has a debut album – “Nice to Meet You”, a new video for her first hit song “Say it Again” and is appearing this week at The Hotel Cafe in Hollywood. Not bad…and it doesn’t stop there…

McManus began singing when she was about 14, but really got committed to making it a career at 18. So much so, that about a year ago she drove to Nashville in order to focus on singing and writing.  While there, she found a producer and recorded this album. The first song –  “Say it Again” – was released last summer and McManus has attracted a lot of attention ever since. Mariah’s album was reviewed in The New York Times and she was profiled as an artist to watch on NPRs World Cafe.

Mariah points out that like any 20 year-old girl, she loves to be on Larchmont…because she loves to shop. Her favorite stores are Library, LF and Hardware. She mixes shopping with visits to her favorite food haunts…most notably the sandwiches at Larchmont Wine and Cheese; but also sushi at either of the Boulevard’s sushi restaurants – California Roll or Kiku.

The video for “Say it Again” premiered via the website ELLEGirl over the weekend. According to McManus, the song “is really just about the feeling of falling in love. From the first moments of seeing them, to saying “I love you” and kind of looking back on that.”  Check out the video – it’s a great daydream, shot on location at Malibu Family Wines and directed by her father, Erwin McManus.

When I asked Mariah what her goals were as a singer her answer resonates with the passion we all want to find in our careers. She said, “I think every musician wants their music to be heard. I love writing and singing – no matter what happens I will always do it, but I would love to tour and be able to make records for the rest of my life. That is my ideal future!”

It looks like she is well on her way! You can catch Mariah McManus at The Hotel Cafe in Hollywood on Wednesday, February 22 at 9p. Tickets are on sale in advance. From Hollywood, she’s on to an appearance at Austin’s SXSW Music Festival in March.

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Mariah McManus at The Hotel Cafe
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Wednesday, February 22nd at 9p


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