Eastside or Westside…(323)/(213) vs (310)?

This is a fun topic…the conversation that brews when the topic is Eastside/Westside LA. As this KPCC AirTalk story reflects, our side of town often defines us. Almost every Angeleno has a different opinion of where the line between the Eastside of LA and the Westside of LA should be drawn.

KPCC’s Larry Mantle spends some time chatting about the evolution of this debate and the myriad of opinions about it. Give a listen and see if the conversation redefines the line for you.

KPCCThe Great Debate: Eastside or Westside?

(At the top of the KPCC web page that we linked to, a “play” button allows you to listen to this segment of AirTalk.)

Which side of town do you identify with?

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