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Update on the Wilshire Boulevard Temple Restoration

KCRW’s producer Saul Gonzalez let his curiosity lead him into a wonderful story about the Wilshire Boulevard Temple and the initial 24 month, $175 Million restoration process that is about half-way through.  This report aired on KCRW’s Which Way LA with Warren Olney on April 17, 2012. The Temple – on the U.S. National Register of Historic Places – is as Rabbi Leder says, a building the lifts you up.

Our community is fortunate to have leadership involved at the Temple equipped with the vision to restore this beautiful piece of LA architecture and to move it into the future as a community center – complete with community classes, social services for the community, a new campus for the Wilshire Boulevard School, dining options and more. As the leader of one of the country’s most respected Reform congregations, Rabbi Leder intends to make the Temple a crossroads for the Wilshire Boulevard corridor – a welcoming campus for all who live and work in the area.

Give a listen to the interviews and learn a little about the past, present and future of this historic Temple. The interview starts at 10 minutes in and ends 15 minutes later. There are indicators for start and end on the player below. Just click on the orange play button.

For more information about this building check out the link below:

WebsiteWilshire Boulevard Temple  (be sure to click through to the gallery with pictures of the on-going restoration)

Wilshire Boulevard Temple
3663 Wilshire Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90010-2798
Phone: (213) 388-2401

The picture above had to be formatted for the feature pane on the home page.  The original picture really shows much more of the scope of the interior and so we share it in it’s original dimensions below…wow!

Photo Courtesy of Saul Gonzalez, KCRW


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