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Election day is coming on November 8.  These voters waited at a Vote Center at the Wiltern Theater in November, 2020.


Election day is just 33 days away, so this is prime season for political forums, debates, and interviews, as everyone moves toward their final choices for candidates in a wide variety of local races.  To help you catch up with some of these important candidate events, past and future, we offer the following lists of recordings to watch (or re-watch), stories to read (or re-read), and several upcoming events to note for your calendar (including one CD5 event next Monday moderated by the Buzz’s own Patty Lombard).


City Council District 5 (and LA County Supervisorial District 3): Katy Young Yaroslavsky and Sam Yebri…Bob Hertzberg and Lindsey Horvath


Previous Events/Writeups:

CD 5 Preservation Perspectives Forum – LA Conservancy – August 31 – https://youtu.be/68-eRazQYhE

CD5 & Supervisorial District 3 Forum – Hammer Museum – September 28 – https://channel.hammer.ucla.edu/video/1760/candidate-forums-your-vote-our-future

LA Times Overviewhttps://www.latimes.com/california/story/2022-10-08/2022-california-election-los-angeles-council-district-5-yaroslavsky-yebri-guide



Thursday, October 6th

Sinai Temple – 7:00 pm – in-person – https://www.sinaitemple.org/event/mens-club-political-forum-with-la-city-council-district-5-candidates/

Monday, October 10th

CD5 Neighborhood Councils – 7:00 pm – Zoom (moderated by Buzz Co-Publisher Patty Lombard) – https://us02web.zoom.us/j/82740759310


Click to see full size flyer



City Council District 13 – Hugo Soto Martinez and Mitch O’Farrell


Neighborhood Council Sustainability Alliance – August 14 – https://youtu.be/_HC8SAjSFp4 (covered by the Buzz here)

LA Conservancy Preservation Perspectives Forum – September 29 – https://youtu.be/4dcTvCLYHOQ

Central Hollywood Neighborhood Council at LA LGBTQ Center – September 30 – https://www.facebook.com/CentralHollywoodNeighborhoodCouncil/videos/665182891556594
(Note: this most recent discussion was intended to be a forum with both candidates, but Soto Martinez cancelled about 90 minutes before the event, so the organizers went ahead with just O’Farrell. Soto Martinez does not seem to have addressed his withdrawal publicly, but the Inglewood-based 2urbangirls blog reports he was unhappy with the selected moderator.)


Ballot Measures


Previous Events:

League of Women Voters Valley Unit ballot measure presentations – September 15 – https://my.lwv.org/california/greater-los-angeles/event/join-us-zoom-learn-about-local-and-state-ballot-measures

LA Times on local ballot measures – https://www.latimes.com/california/story/2022-10-04/2022-california-election-los-angeles-ballot-measures

LA Times on California ballot propositions https://www.latimes.com/california/story/2022-08-26/2022-california-election-ballot-propositions



League of Women Voters at the Ebell of Los Angeles – October 12, 7 p.m. (in person) – https://ebellofla.org/event/knowledge-voting-power-10-12-22/


Also, as previously listed in the Buzz


Mayoral debate:

Sheriff debate:


Pre-Primary Coverage in the Buzz


NOTE: The following list is limited to candidates who participated in a discussion series sponsored by the Hang Out Do Good advocacy organization last spring, so it does not include all current candidates for each race (among the missing are mayoral candidate Rick Caruso and 51st Assembly District candidate Rick Chavez Zbur). Candidates’ inclusion or non-inclusion on the list does not indicate an endorsement or non-endorsement by the Buzz.


Los Angeles Mayor
Karen Basshttps://larchmontbuzz.com/featured-stories-larchmont-village/hodg-looking-local-candidate-series-karen-bass/

LA County Supervisor
Bob Hertzberghttps://larchmontbuzz.com/featured-stories-larchmont-village/hodg-looking-local-candidate-series-bob-hertzberg/
Lindsey Horvathhttps://larchmontbuzz.com/featured-stories-larchmont-village/hodg-looking-local-series-lindsey-horvath/

City Council District 5
Katy Young Yaroslavskyhttps://larchmontbuzz.com/featured-stories-larchmont-village/hodg-looking-local-candidate-series-katy-young-yaroslavsky/
Sam Yebrihttps://larchmontbuzz.com/featured-stories-larchmont-village/hodg-looking-local-candidate-series-sam-yebri/

City Council District 13
Hugo Soto Martinezhttps://larchmontbuzz.com/featured-stories-larchmont-village/hodg-looking-local-candidate-series-hugo-soto-martinez/
Mitch O’Farrell https://larchmontbuzz.com/featured-stories-larchmont-village/hang-out-do-good-looking-local-candidate-series-mitch-ofarrell/

California State Assembly District 51
Louis Abramsonhttps://larchmontbuzz.com/featured-stories-larchmont-village/hodg-looking-local-candidate-series-louis-abramson/


Finally, please note that we’ll have more election coverage soon, including stories on the candidates runninng for City Attorney, and those running for California State Assembly District 51.


[Note: this story was edited after its initial publication to add an updated flyer for the October 10 CD 5 forum, the LA Times overview of the CD 5 race, and the ballot proposition event at the Ebell of Los Angeles.]

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