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Blogger Profiles Hancock Park’s ‘Cheaper by the Dozen’ House

Hancock Park Film Location for Cheaper by the Dozen

Ohio blogger Julia, the writer behind the blog Hooked on Houses, recently posted a story about the houses used as locations in the popular 2003 movie Cheaper by the Dozen. This movie is one of our favorite family movies…one we’ve watched many times even if we discover it’s airing and it’s already 30-minutes+ into the movie. 

Part of our love for this movie stems from the fact that we remember when it was being filmed and we always imagine all those kids living inside the home – and in a way – in our neighborhood.

  • Can you imagine what went on with Tom Welling, Piper Perabo, Ashton Kutcher and Hilary Duff idling between takes on the corner of Lorraine and 4th?
  • What about the thought of Steve Martin and Bonnie Hunt being neighbors and showing up at the Larchmont Village Farmer’s Market every Sunday with 12 kids in tow?
  • And every time I see the beautiful chandelier hanging from the second story ceiling in the foyer come crashing to the floor and shatter into a million pieces, I always wonder if the homeowners continue to find little shards of glass in the floor boards?

Hancock Park Film Location for Cheaper by the DozenWell, have no fear! Hooked on Houses profiles the homes from the movie and reveals that when it comes to the Hancock Park/Evanston, IL house the crew never actually filmed inside the home! They built a set to replicate the inside and then let the indoor chaos ensue.

Check out the post and then do walk/drive by and enjoy one of the loveliest homes in Hancock Park at 4th and Lorraine.




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