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Crime Alert: Larchmont Village


According to LAPD Olympic Division Senior Lead Officer Joe Pelayo, Larchmont Village is experiencing an increase in burglaries. Since last Friday, October 18th, three burglaries have been reported. The latest occurred yesterday on the 4900 block of Beverly Boulevard. The others were reported on the 200 block of North Windsor Boulevard and the 5000 block of Rosewood.

Please remain vigilant and continue to report all suspicious people and activity to 911. Lock and secure your homes before you leave for the day, even for a short duration. Activate your alarms!! If you have any electronic products equipped with a locating application please make sure the app is current.

Please see details in the Community Alert below. And share this with your neighbors so we can work together to protect our neighborhood.

UPDATE: A Buzz reader reports that a burglary took place during the end of a film shoot on location at a Larchmont Village home. Evidently the perpetrators have used this opportunity twice in the neighborhood, and enter a home when there have been crew members on site and there may be some confusion about who belongs and who doesn’t. 

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Mary has lived in the Hancock Park area for over 20 years - including homes in Larchmont Village and Windsor Square. Mary has lived in some great places in her life - but none compare to the convenience and majesty of our neighborhood. For Mary, the neighborhood has been a wonderful home to her large, extended one time she had family members living on seven different Hancock Park area blocks! Larchmont Buzz is a labor of love - built to celebrate the neighborhood and to elevate the conversation in the area.

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  1. While there may have been 3 since October18th, there have
    been at least 10 since September 23rd from Gramercy Place to
    Lucerne. A great cause for concern.


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