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Cooking in the Rain

Inspired to cook from the garden on a rainy day.
Inspired to cook from the garden on a rainy day.

This week of rainy days has forced me to stay inside, but inspired me to cook from my garden…which is really loving all the moisture.  (A great benefit of working from home is that I can cook in between answering emails and texts!)

Here’s a simple recipe for a vegetable frittata that makes a healthy hot lunch or a light meal for dinner. Thanks to my friend and chef Claudia Lizzani for her inspiration to cook with vegetables.

Vegetable Frittata
10 eggs
1/4 cup milk
2 cups cherry tomatoes
3 cloves garlic
8 oz of feta cheese or goat cheese
2 pinches or 1 teaspoon of baking soda
Large bunch of greens: chard or kale or spinach – chopped and stems removed if appropriate.

Preheat oven to 375 degrees

Prepare a tart pan, glass or metal by coating with melted butter or butter spray.

Whisk eggs, milk and baking soda in large mixing bowl.

Sauté greens until tender in olive oil with garlic cut into four pieces but not peeled (This add flavor to the greens and will be removed once you have sautéed the greens) with salt and pepper.

Add greens to the egg mixture, stir in tomatoes. Place crumbled cheese on the top. Pour into prepared tart pan.

Place pan on on cookie sheet, bake in oven at 375 degrees for approximately 20-30 minutes depending on your oven.

Various kinds of chard and kale for the base for a frittata










Greens chopped into ribbons and stems removed
Greens chopped into ribbons and stems removed
Add crumbled cheese to the top
Add crumbled cheese to the top
Baked frittata
Baked frittata


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Patricia Lombard
Patricia Lombard
Patricia Lombard is the publisher of the Larchmont Buzz. Patty lives with her family in Fremont Place. She has been active in neighborhood issues since moving here in 1989. Her pictorial history, "Larchmont" for Arcadia Press is available at Chevalier's Books.

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