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Meditation Guide to Share Knowledge Tonight at The Ebell

The Ebell Gates

Meditation! It’s a life-skill that is increasingly important in this busy world we live in. The ability to meditate is a great way to reduce stress and increase your happiness level. Tonight’s Ebell Health and Wellness Talk, led by Hancock Park’s Joanna Rachins, came on our radar this week…it’s open to all and could be the jump start needed to add some ‘chill’ to the summer heat!

Rachins assured us that meditation is as simple and natural as breathing. You just set up the time, place and intention and it happens. Like falling asleep. It’s really kind of effortless.

That’s right up my alley…

Note: This talk takes place tonight…Thursday from 7:30pm-9:00pm.

The Ebell Rachins


Rachins shares her three most important benefits of meditation:

  1. For me, being able to make contact with my innermost self, the source of my intelligence, joy, creativity and happiness is a great tool for living life to its fullest. It’s like being able to draw electricity direct from the source rather than getting it diluted from the light bulb. When I come out of meditation I always feel recharged, innocent, most authentically me and these qualities infuse my everyday moment to moment experience of life.
  2. Giving every part of the body and mind a deep rest, reducing and even eliminating stress. By bringing stillness and rest to the mind I am able to perceive life with greater clarity. Which means I’m not trying to solve problems with the same consciousness that created the problem. I’m one step ahead.
  3. Meditation keeps me young at heart and youthful. Age doesn’t have the normal effect on me. Meditation has dramatically slowed the degeneration process that aging induces. In fact at this age, I feel younger, more energetic, more focused than I did in my thirties.


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