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What Do You Think of Millennium Hollywood?

Capitol Records Bldg.
Looking south down Vine from the 101 Freeway, into Hollywood.

LA’s Planning Department approved the proposed two tower mixed-use Millennium Hollywood project set to surround the famous Capitol Records building on North Vine, and now the LA Times is taking a straw poll vote online so that YOU too can weigh in. The project will go before the Planning Commission in March.

Artist rendering of roposed Millennium Hollywood project.

The two towers, which are more than twice as tall as anything else in Hollywood, will be part of a 4.5 acre development straddling Vine that will include green space, a swimming pool, an outdoor library, housing, office and retail space. The Millennium is part of a new vision for Hollywood, centered close to mass transit (the Hollywood & Vine Metro Red Line) in what Mayor Villaragoisa calls “elegant density.”

The developer says they’ll install bike lanes and improve the overall pedestrian experience in the area, and bring Hollywood into the future by growing up not out, drawing in new business. Others predict negative consequences: more gridlock and a disruption of the famous views of the Hollywood Sign and the Capitol Records Building – in effect changing the Hollywood skyline forever.

What do you think? Cast your vote in the LA Times poll, and / or share your comments with Buzz readers below.

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Julie Grist
Julie Grist
Julie co-founded the Larchmont Buzz with fellow buzzer Mary Hawley in 2011 and served as Editor, Publisher and writer for the hive for many years until the sale of the Buzz in August 2015. She is still circling the hive as an occasional writer.

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  1. Many appeals have been filed against the planning deputy advisor ruling, the first stage of the city approving Millennium projects.They should not even have had the case yet! Millennium details are non specific. Except for their heights! ON a FAULT LINE, DWARFING the Historically preserved Capitol Records Building, blocking out the Hills, The Hollywood Sign, (observation decks on million dollar condo buildings will help tourists see them!)! Trying to rush it through before Villariagosa is gone and new council members are elected who are OPPOSED TO MILLENNIUM PROJECTS. Three out of four Hollywood Neighborhood Councils, at least SEVEN HOA’s, Neighborhood Orgs., AMDA, and The W Hotel, all Oppose. The only NC supporting it, and Millennium has proudly posted on their website, has a Board Member who WORKS FOR MILLENNIUM AND IS THIER PROJECT ADVOCATE, and Board members who are Garcetti (he is funded by MILLENNIUM) supporters.
    The L.A. Times poll was rigged. Hollywood Chamber tweeted it’s members on going to vote for Millennium. As soon as the opposers weighed in, out numbering the supporters, they shut it down and started it up again later..Millennium is The Chamber’s DIAMOND LEVEL DONOR. They set up a PAC supporting Millennium Funded Garcetti. The NC Board member who works for MIllennium and got her Board to vote to support Millennium is on that PAC Board.
    Garcetti got the ILLEGAL Hollywood Community Plan passed, that accommodates his funders massive unlimited height skyscrapers. The city got away with LEAVING CAHUENGA TO VINE OUT OF THE HOLLYWOOD COMMUNITY PLAN, giving MIllennium unprecedented entitlements of UNLIMITED HEIGHTS THERE. There are THREE LAW SUITS against Gracetti’s HIGHER DENSITY Hollywood Community Plan, by THE PEOPLE, a plan that the Pres. of the LAFD warned them that ‘people will die, fires will burn out of control, in a higher density city..we cant get to people NOW, ..this is irresponsible, dangerous stuff” Garcetti’s response:”people don’t be afraid’ and got it passed.. He listened to NO ONE..He is still denying the existance of SKYSCRAPERS at debates, and his middle name is ‘unavailable for comment’ He answers to NO ONE! He told people the day he got the HCP passed on the floor of City Council.. ‘If you don’t like living in Hollywood MOVE!”. The Hollywood Chamber has hired Millennium, their Diamond Level Donor’s Law Firm to STOP THE LAWS SUITS against the HCP, a PLAN that accommodates their Diamond Level Donors massive projects.
    No one could make this up!
    PLEASE do NOT vote for Garcetti! This is his VISION for ALL of L.A… his Hollywood Community Plan is a template for plans for other cities,,..higher density BLADERUNNER cities. We cant get around Hollywood now. NO ONE wants MANHATTAN IN HOLLYWOOD, except Garcetti, his funder, MILLENNIUM, The Chamber, also funded by MIllennium, AND THEY DON’T LIVE HERE! and his followers..This is a SKEWED VISION FOR HOLLYWOOD. STOP HIM!! The HILLS, the SKY, the SUN, the LIGHT, will be gone. Air and traffic will be worse. Emergency services can’t get to us now!
    Garcetti THINKS SELLING HOLLYWOOD to DEVELOPERS FOR the MAYORAL CROWN will assure he becomes Mayor.


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