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Behind the Scenes of Larchmont Village: The Larchmont Village BID


This is the first in a series of quarterly updates from The Larchmont Village Business Improvement District (LVBID). Here, we’ll elaborate on the BID’s work to maintain our Village and its unique charm and sense of community. We’re looking forward to keeping the community in the loop.

Formed in 1998 to offset the lack of city funds for street services and other benefits vital to a successful retail street environment, the Larchmont Village BID is one of 39 Business Improvement Districts (BID) throughout Los Angeles. The L.A. BIDs range in size from a one-block area like Larchmont to multi-block commercial areas populated by high-rise buildings. Each BID is a defined area within which property owners (or their tenants depending on the lease) are responsible for an additional tax assessment to fund and provide services for the BID, such as cleaning streets and sidewalks, tree trimming, trash pick-up and marketing. This assessment is collected by the City and is placed in a special fund allocated to benefit the defined district. In our case, the defined district is on Larchmont Boulevard from Beverly Boulevard to 1st Street.

The president of the LVBID is longtime Larchmont resident and property owner, Tom Kneafsey. Kneafsey is one of a handful of presidents out of the 39 BIDs  who volunteers his time to manage the BID’s many activities and communicate with the property owners.

Following are some of the LVBID’s recent activities:

Big Belly Solar Trash/Recycling. The LVBID enjoys a close working relationship with Councilmember Tom LaBonge and his staff and worked with them to introduce Big Belly solar trash and recycle containers on Larchmont. With five containers installed in November, we now have recycling on Larchmont for the first time. When the remaining ten receptacles are integrated onto the street, this year, we’ll significantly decrease our trash pick-up. This reduction will save the LVBID money and resources that will be put right back into the maintenance and beautification of our village.

Holiday Decorations.  Hopefully you noticed that the LVBID invested in all new holiday decor this year! The illuminated snowflake, garland and gift box decorations were purchased by the BID and will be stored for use in many years to come. The BID also organized a merchant holiday storefront decoration contest, resulting in a more festive, winter ambiance in December.

Sidewalk Washing and Tree Trimming. The LVBID budgets each year for sidewalk cleaning, along with litter pick-up, cleaning landscape wells and planters, and trimming the trees. The street and gutter cleaning remain the responsibility of the City. We added an extra sidewalk cleaning this year, which we think is necessary to keep the Village looking its best.

Small Business Saturday. The Larchmont Boulevard Association (LBA) and the LVBID worked together this year to promote Small Business Saturday on the boulevard. We provided BID merchants with materials to promote their involvement in the day and encouraged the neighborhood’s support.

Regular Communications with Merchants and Property Owners.  The LVBID is in regular communication with the 80+ businesses on Larchmont and the 25 property owners, ensuring they are well informed of LVBID activities and that the LVBID is aware of any issues they have related to the LVBID, whether it be information-sharing, concerns, or questions. We welcome new businesses to the LVBID and make sure they are best informed about our village.

Larchmont_PanelArt_052913cLarchmont Village has always had a positive identity and regular, loyal visitors. It is unique in Los Angeles: a charming, hometown Main Street feel with sophisticated, urban retail offerings and dining options — a perfect combination, all in one block, that’s easily accessible from Hollywood, Downtown and further afield. Larchmont Village appeals to local families, GenX and Y, and tourists alike, with celebrity cache as well as strong ties to local schools and neighborhood associations. Larchmont Village offers something for everyone. And everyone has his or her own image of what the village means to them. The BID is now working to give consistency and clarity in messaging in order to capture the unique elements of our village and support the interests of the merchants, property owners and the neighborhood.

“Larchmont Village is a premier shopping and dining destination. Nestled in one of the most historic neighborhoods in Los Angeles and adjacent to the heart of Hollywood, the tree-lined Village uniquely marries the charm and community of a small town and the top-notch shopping and dining experiences only available in one of the world’s most cosmopolitan cities.” 

BIDs are important in our city and help with upholding daily street maintenance, retaining neighborhood support, aligning property owners in backing local businesses and reducing crime – all while helping to spark increased retail activity and protecting our sense of community. 

Please visit the Larchmont Village BID online at and

Heather Boylston and Rebecca Hutchinson are principals at H+R PR, which handles PR, marketing and community relations for the LVBID.



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