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Night Shoot: Beachwood Drive Stands in for the UK

Intersection of Beachwood and 1st - lit up for film shoot
Intersection of Beachwood and 1st – lit up for film shoot

Summer nights are always full of neighborhood walkers making the trek over to Larchmont for dinner, coffee, yogurt or just exercise in general. Friday evening provided a little extra entertainment for walkers in Windsor Square as a production company was filming on the intersection of 1st Street and Beachwood Drive.

Even though the filming can be disruptive for some who live around the shoot, it’s nice to see activity in LA as it fuels our economy.

Vodafone horizontal-001

Beachwood was playing the role of Great Britain in a commercial shoot for Vodafone – a British multinational telecommunications company. The night shoot followed an actor portraying a kid out on a date, getting sage advice from Yoda.

Just thought you might be curious…


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  1. Hi Laura: I grew up in Larchmont area 116 n. Irving Blvd. Glad you are so very happy. I am still submitting you for parts. Let me know if it is still okay with you. Love, Diane


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