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Behind the Scenes of Larchmont Village: The Larchmont Village BID

Larchmont Village BID

This is the second in a series of quarterly updates from The Larchmont Village BID. Part One was published in January, 2014. Here, we’ll elaborate on the BID’s work to maintain our Village and its unique charm and sense of community. 

Larchmont Village BannerThe Larchmont Village Business Improvement District (LVBID) has done some spring cleaning.  We’ve hung brightly colored banners, featuring our iconic boulevard clock, on light posts.  These help to better identify our village and add a splash of color amidst the ficus leaves and shop awnings.  We are getting a recurring permit so they’ll hang permanently except when switched with our holiday lights each winter or for upcoming events on the Boulevard.

On the street level, we’ve replaced the concrete trashcans with 13 Big Belly solar-powered trash and five recycling compacting containers.  As reported earlier in the Larchmont Buzz,  Councilmember Tom LaBonge’s office provided the LVBID with a generous grant to implement a pilot program of these containers in November 2013, introducing recycling to the boulevard.  They were so well received over the last five months that we’re adding them as a permanent fixture.  We’re thrilled with their aesthetic, environmental impact and efficiency; they hold so much more trash and recycling!  In the spirit of community and recycling, the LVBID arranged for the newly formed Melrose BID (on Melrose between Fairfax and Highland) to haul away the old trash containers for use in their BID. The cans were generously donated to the Melrose BID by the Larchmont Boulevard Association.

We’d love to hear what you think. Please follow us on Facebook  and post photos of your family and friends under the new banners!

Please visit the Larchmont Village BID online at and on LVBID’s Facebook page.

Heather Boylston and Rebecca Hutchinson are principals at H+R PR, which handles PR, marketing and community relations for the LVBID.
Larchmont Village Big Belly Trash cans
Teva Corwin from Larchmont Charter School tries out the new system while Carolyn Ramsay, Chief of Staff for Tom LaBonge, CD 4, looks on.

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  1. About the Big Belly trash eaters…a great idea but not properly (clearly) marked for the general public. The girl is dropping a recyclable cup in the wrong side of the unit. Cups and other recyclables go in round opening on left side! according to the wording on the unit, she is using trash side. In Europe, where used for decades, they are clearly marked with images to avoid confusion. I am at Peets almost daily and I would estimate at least 60+ % go in wrong side.

  2. Hopefully people will start to get the hang of it and we will mention it to the company because it’s a valid point. As for the picture, right before it was taken, the head of the environmental committee (a 4th grader) informed us that the Jamba Juice styrofoam cups can’t be recycled and should go on the trash side — hence the photo;)


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