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Construction of East Hollywood Target Under Challenge

East Hollywood Target
Looking east across the Home Depot parking lot towards the new Target, currently under construction.

The Los Feliz Ledger is reporting that construction of the Target at Western Avenue and Sunset Boulevard is being challenged by a group called Citizens Coalition Los Angeles. CCLA contends that the project ‘disrupts the current character of the neighborhood’.

A ruling is expected this week.

According to the Los Feliz Ledger:

The 194,749 square foot project, which is already well under construction, would have a 163,862 square foot Target retail store and an additional 30,887 square feet of smaller retail and food outlets. The overall project would stand more than 74 feet above grade.

SNAP guidelines–developed, in part, to create retail outlets and livable space near Metro stations and bus stops–limit the height of commercial structures to 35 feet.

The Los Angeles City Council approved the project in 2010 with eight exemptions to SNAP guidelines including the project’s allowable height, an increase over the maximum allowable 390 parking spaces and the requirement that a retail outlet of more than 40,000 square feet provide free delivery to local residents.

The City Council’s approval came endorsing that the project needed no environmental report, a study that measures traffic and other environmental concerns, setting up the filing of two separate lawsuits against the city’s decision.

As a result, Target, based out of Minnesota, withdrew the city’s approvals and prepared an environmental report, of which, the petitioners currently challenge.


Read more about this battle at the Los Feliz Ledger website. The story indicates that the City Council moved too quickly at various stages of the approval process. A judge will have the final say this week when the decision on the pending lawsuit is delivered.

Larchmont Buzz: New Target Planned for Sunset and Western 

Rendering of proposed Target.
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  1. Beg pardon, but that corner was an architectural nightmare for years. Does no one remember that blighted, stucco and asphalt mess? Seriously…character? Home Depot and the plaza across the street are certainly not winning any AIA awards. Good grief!

    • You took the words right out of my mouth. That corner was an assortment of sad stores before it was an assortment of dilapidated empty stores. I have been excited about Target being there ever since I saw the Target logo on the fence.

  2. one bum lawyer saw a way to get rich and his doing everything in power to do so its not about the neiberhood concerns I live one block away how come no body asked me how I feel about it Silverstein was a bumm and still is get a life


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