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Hancock Park HOA – Protecting and Rebuilding Neighborhood Streets and Sidewalks

The Hancock Park Homeowners Association has learned our infrastructure funding has been eliminated. The Association is encouraging our current councilperson and her office to help secure funds for repairs. We hope you will join us and make your support known.


Los Angeles is a City made up of hundreds of neighborhoods. Many of these Los Angeles neighborhoods have been designated historic districts, and these communities protect large numbers of historic resources and preserve the authentic character of our historic Los Angeles.

The Hancock Park Historic Preservation Overlay Zone /Preservation Plan was developed by the community, written by the Planning Department, and passed unanimously by the City Council in 2007.

The Hancock Park Preservation Plan has five main goals. The first two are:
Goal 1 — Preserve the historic character of the community. Recognize that the maintenance, enhancement, and preservation of the character of the neighborhood, as a whole, takes precedence over the treatment of individual buildings, structures, or sites. Goal 2 — Preserve the historic streetscape. Promote the maintenance and enhancement of the traditional streetscape and parkways. There is an entire chapter dedicated to how we must preserve and maintain our historic streetscape.

In Chapter 11 of our Hancock Park Preservation Plan, regarding “Public Realm: Streets, Sidewalks & Public Buildings,” the Plan states: “Public spaces contribute to
the unique historic character of our preservation zone.” Clearly, the City understood the importance of preserving the streetscape and the overarching need to make our sidewalks and streets safe!

Non-compliant curb the association has prioritized for repair.

In past years, we have been able to work with the City to schedule infrastructure repairs as the budget allowed. Thanks are due to former councilmember David Ryu who
successfully secured continuing funding for repairs and maintenance by having our infrastructure repair become part of the annual City budget. Until now. We are now told
that due to all the other fiscally challenging situations plaguing the City … too many to list … our infrastructure funding has been eliminated. Our infrastructure is at a crisis point, and without proper maintenance, it will totally fail. City leadership must act. We need City leaders to allocate funds fairly across the City. The Association is encouraging our current councilperson and her office to help secure funds for repairs. We hope you will join us and make your support known.

Close up of the street section the association wanted repaired.

The Association’s Annual Meeting will be held on Monday, October 16 at 6 p.m. remotely via Zoom. At that meeting, you’ll hear from our councilperson, LAPD, and the Association’s Committee Chairs. And, most importantly, you’ll learn more about the ongoing and vitally important rezoning program. Visit our website — — to find out what’s going on and to learn how you can participate.

This ADA-compliant curb installed in May 2022 features gradual ramps to the street making it easier for residents with walkers, scooters, or other mobility devices, as well as families with strollers and children with tricycles.


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