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Local Elections: Runoffs Coming

As of noon today, it looks like several key races in yesterday’s primary elections did not yield winners with more than 50% of the vote, so they may be heading to November runoff elections between the top two finishers in each contest.  These include the City Council races in Districts 4 and 10, and the race for LA County District 2 Supervisor.

Here are the results reported by the LA Times as of mid-day Wednesday in the City Council District 4 race (note that these totals are from less than 100% of precincts reporting):

City Council District 4
Candidate                         Votes                    Pct.
David Ryu                         18,298                    46.8%
Nithya Raman                  15,000                    38.3
Sarah Kate Levy                5,838                    14.9

With many ballots yet to be counted, Councilmember David Ryu’s campaign told the Buzz that “Councilmember Ryu is proud of winning the most votes so far and of building a powerful coalition of community members, organized labor, and Democratic Party activists. At the moment, it is still too early to call the final results of the election, with vote-by-mail ballots still arriving to the County Registrar’s Office. Our campaign will continue to review the Registrar’s regular updates, and we are optimistic that Councilmember Ryu will continue to serve the Fourth Council District in his second term.”

Nithya Raman’s campaign told us, “Regardless of what the final outcome of this race is, we are so proud of the work we have done in this campaign, the record-breaking number of volunteers who knocked on doors for us, and the coalition of progressive grassroots organizations that supported us…We are so grateful to the residents of District 4 for their support and look forward to the rest of the results.”

County officials told the Buzz they have tallied all the ballots that were cast on election day and all the vote-by-mail ballots they have received so far. However, they are still receiving ballots that were postmarked March 3, and they will also be counting provisional ballots and ballots cast by voters who registered on election day. The Los Angeles County Registrar-Recorder/County Clerk staff has 28 days to continue counting before they will finalize the results.

So far the voter turnout is estimated at 20.62 percent of registered voters, but that number is likely to increase as more ballots are received and counted, explained Mike Sanchez, Public Information Officer for the Los Angeles County Registrar-Recorder/County Clerk.

While there were long lines at some polling places, Sanchez told us many people reported having a good experience voting, as we did.

“We will refine the system and work to improve it before November,” said Sanchez, including the possibility of adding more polling places.

In other local races, there are similar likely runoff scenarios at this point in the count:

City Council District 10
Candidate                        Votes                     Pct.
Mark Ridley-Thomas    11,440                    46.9%
Grace Yoo                            6,053                    24.8
Aura Vasquez                     4,367                    17.9
Melvin Snell                        1,447                      5.9
Channing L Martinez      1,099                      4.5

Supervisor District 2
Candidate                       Votes                      Pct.
Herb J Wesson               51,750                     32.1%
Holly J Mitchell              41,139                     25.5
Jan C Perry                      19,771                     12.3
Albert Robles                  18,357                     11.4
Jorge Nuno                      10,715                       6.6
Jake Jeong                      10,546                        6.5
Rene L Rigard                    9,007                        5.6

On the other hand, District Attorney Jackie Lacey does seem assured of another term:

District Attorney
Candidate                        Votes                         Pct.
Jackie Lacey                489,835                          50.7%
George Gascon           259,307                          26.8
Rachel A Rossi            217,165                          22.5

And Measure R seems to have passed:

Measure R: Civilian oversight of Sheriff’s department
Candidate                        Votes                         Pct.
Yes                                    705,369                         71.2%
No                                     285,685                         28.8

According to the LA Times, however, with a 91.64% of precincts reporting, the statewide Proposition 13, for new school bonds, is trailing:

Proposition 13
Candidate                        Votes                         Pct.
No                                 2,826,568                          55.9%
Yes                                2,233,555                          44.1

Voters checking in at the Pan Pacific Park Vote Center.
A long line of people waited to vote yesterday at Carthay School. Such lines were fairly common yesterday as the city rolled out new voting technology. (Photo by Ann Rubin.)
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