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The Buzz is dedicated to bringing its readers comprehensive daily reporting of our neighborhood’s news in a way that no other local news outlet can match. It’s hard believe we’ve created more than 5,200 news stories since our site went live in July 2011 (nine years ago this month!).  Founded with the vision of  connecting people and building community through timely, relevant local news, we chose to make our news accessible to everyone by not requiring paid subscriptions…but we do still need and appreciate the support of our readers to do the work that we do.

One way you help every day is to read our stories and share them with your friends and family.  We really appreciate our community of nearly 2,000 subscribers and social media followers.  And we admit to being more than a little excited each time we get a report that someone new subscribed…and a bit bummed when someone decides to unsubscribe. But we get it when that happens.  And it just makes us work a little harder each time that happens to be a little more relevant so we can keep you in our hive!

Another way you can help us  do our work and grow our content is to become a Buzz Reader Sponsor with either a one-time or monthly financial contribution.  Today we launch our new Buzz Reader Sponsor campaign. Your financial support through this program will help us keep building our hive of local content and contributors. We even have some cool Buzz swag to help you Bee Safe during these challenging times.

We love informing our neighbors and increasing our larger sense of community through the Buzz. Please help us to continue those efforts by becoming a Buzz Reader Sponsor today!

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