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Salt & Straw and Larchmont Charter Create New Flavors

Justine’s “Spring Time” flavor was a winner in the create-an-ice cream class.

It must be every kid’s dream: create an ice cream, get to eat it, then have it sold in a real ice cream shop. That dream has been fulfilled for several students from Larchmont Charter School when the local Larchmont ice cream shop, Salt & Straw, combined a classroom learning lesson with some real life production.


In creating their April menu, now served up at the Larchmont Blvd store until the end of the month, Salt & Straw’s head ice cream maker Tyler Malek worked with students at Larchmont Charter teaching them the basics of making ice cream.

The ‘recipes’ along with drawings, are as tantalizing as the flavors themselves – full of color and kid-favorite ingredients. The children’s imaginations were unleashed through this exercise, and the results are truly “uninhibited concoctions” said a spokesperson for Salt & Straw.

Fifteen percent of ice cream proceeds on the special flavors will go back to support the school’s garden class. This project was started in Portland schools a few years ago and now Los Angeles students are getting their turn to be the inventors. The winning flavors, that will be served through April 30 are:

  • Spring-time Strawberries Sorbet: Invented by Justine, a 5th grader. Justine’s flavor description goes like this: “Limited Edition (during Spring): strawberries, orange juice, raspberries, and a hint of lemon juice (with 2 mint leaves).” Strawberry sorbet with a simple, fresh, homemade raspberry jam that lightly dances its way through the delicate mint and strawberry flavors.
  •  The Awsomenator: Created by Sebastian,  5th gradel Creatively straightforward, he describes the flavor like this: “1. gummy bears 2. sprinkles 3. watermelon and vanilla swirl 4. bubble gum (all flavors) 5. chocolate in the very middle.”
  •  Shirley Temple Cherry Bomb: From the creative mind of Oliver, 1st grade. His description goes like this: “Lemon-lime Sherbet with cherry ice cream and bits of maraschino cherries.”

Drop in Salt & Straw, at 240 N. Larchmont Blvd, and decide for yourself which flavor you find is the most delicious Larchmont Charter concoction.

The Awesomenator, by
The Awesomenator, by Sebastian.


The Shirley
The Shirley Temple Cherry Bomb, by Oliver.


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Julie Grist
Julie Grist
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