LA Times Mapping Broken Sidewalks

The condition of the sidewalks in our City can be pretty precarious along certain stretches.

City officials are debating how to prioritize and address broken sidewalks. Recently, the Bureau of Street Repairs proposed conducting a survey of City sidewalks…at the cost of $10 Million and 3-years time to get it done. Fortunately, the City Council rejected kicking this problem down the road.

While the clock is ticking and money is scarce, the LA Times has come up with a plan to use technology to help document our decaying sidewalks. Snap a picture  – note the address – then email, tweet (with hashtag #lasidewalks) or upload it directly into the LA Times sidewalk forum.

Share this info with your friends and let’s help the City catalogue what needs work soonest. You can be a part of crowd-sourcing that just may make a difference.

LA TimesL.A. Abounds With Broken Sidewalks: Help us Map the Worst


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One thought on “LA Times Mapping Broken Sidewalks

  1. Seems like a simple, free solution for finding which sidewalks need to be fixed & creating a data base. Instead of the citys plan to spend millions to do same.

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