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Memorial on Beverly Boulevard at Rossmore

Memorial on Beverly at Rossmore

An observant neighbor alerted us to the memorial that has been erected at the bus stop on the south side of Beverly Boulevard, just west of Rossmore. They were curious – what had happened?

Whenever I see one of these memorials, my heart sinks and I say a few prayers for the poor soul who lost their life at the site. That’s always what it is about – it’s a way for loved ones to remember their friend or family member and maybe challenge others who regularly pass that way to pause and think about the fragility of life.

According to the LAPD West Traffic Division, there was an auto-motorcycle accident at the bus stop on May 20th. Tragically, the motorcyclist was killed in the accident. (No buses were involved.)

About a week ago I noticed that the bus benches had been driven off their posts – but really didn’t think any more of it. Thank goodness for the memorial –  it is about as effective a tool as there is for helping us to focus on the life that was lost – on the human being. May this individual, their family and friends find peace.

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  1. Oh thanks for this. I have been seeing it and wondering what it was. I saw a motorcyclist nearly hit on Larchmont just last week by a driver.


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