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Health Guru Philip Battiade at the Ebell


My Mother used to say, “Old age is not for Sissies.”  (I actually think Bette Davis gets official credit.) When one friend was diagnosed with MS in her 40’s and another developed breast cancer at 57, I knew for sure that it was critical I  hunker down and devote myself to my own health and that of my family and take responsibility for how my body ages. As a result, I explored and consulted with every alternative, age related, cutting- edge practitioner out there.  After almost half a century on this journey, I feel fairly confident about accurately separating the wheat from the chafe.  Which is where Philip Battiade entered my life.

About 6 months ago, a friend told me about this miracle man with a clinic in Germany who treated high profile celebrities and sports figures; that he had been practicing integrative medicine for 20 years in Europe, specializing in successfully treating chronic, debilitating diseases, also excelled at anti-aging treatments with the use of amino peptides also known as “Live Cell Therapy.” This is very cutting edge and receiving much attention all over Europe.  Philip has an international network of some of the world’s top physicians and now has opened a clinic here in Los Angeles, on Robertson Dr.

I felt he was on to something big and I wanted to be part of it. Philip hooked my ankles up to a little computer that gave a read-out of every imbalance in my body. It was 100% accurate. In 20 minutes, it told me everything I had spent years and fortunes finding out. Through this analysis and the individual treatment program that follows, the body can most definitely be brought back to a state of balance and harmony, increasing output and efficiency, increasing quality of life and supporting us in living life to the fullest. I may be a sissy in many ways but by proactively engaging in the aging process, rather than being the victim of it, perhaps the conventional old age experience Bette Davis was talking about won’t be mine.

On Tuesday, February 18th, at 7:30 pm in the Wilshire Ebell Lounge, Philip will be speaking and answering questions. Lucky for us, we will not have to charter a private jet to Germany for this special, informal talk. Please join us and bring your spouses, friends and family for this exciting opportunity.

Purchase tickets online.

Joanna Rachins is the Health & Wellness Chair for the Ebell of Los Angeles


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