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Los Angeles Drama Club Performs Gala Benefit at Magic Castle

LADC | Merchant of Venice
LA Drama Club – Merchant of Venice; photo courtesy of Paul Smith/FeatureFlash

Local theater group Los Angeles Drama Club is holding their first benefit and support for the event is really impressive. More than eight celebrities will be performing Shakespeare opposite LA Drama Club players, ages 7-13 in a performance set at the Magic Castle on November 11th.

The Los Angeles Drama Club is on La Brea at 1st. They are the country’s youngest Shakespeare troupe – focused on helping young drama enthusiasts develop their talents and confidence in performing publicly. About 90% of their players come from the Greater Wilshire Neighborhood – including Hancock Park, Brookside and Larchmont Village. And in speaking with the parents of some of our local players, it’s clear that LA Drama Club is a vital resource for the community.

According to Brookside resident Joane Pickett, her son Wiley (an LA Drama Club Student from ages 5-11) is a big fan. Pickett recently shared a strong endorsement with the Buzz –

“When Wiley got home from school TONIGHT after receiving an A on his speech in class today, he said “I owe it all to Los Angeles Drama Club!” Seriously! My kid isn’t going to be an actor but the gift of poise in public speaking, confidence, voice projection, memorization skills and Shakespeare knowledge will be with him for a lifetime! I will be forever grateful! Until you have attended a performance of children performing pages and pages and pages of Shakespeare from memory, you would not believe it possible.”

And Larchmont’s Heather Boylston, whose daughter Lauren is a four year member of the LA Drama Club, adds the following…

“Lauren has learned the importance of being part of a team. The troupe is really supportive of each other and understands that they are all depending on each other to show up and give all they can to their part so that when it all comes together, it’s because they all worked so hard to be a team – a troupe”

It’s clear that the Los Angeles Drama Club is a community asset worth supporting. The Gala Benefit looks like a fun event and the idea of these working actors engaging with the young up-and-commers is really entertaining.  Click on this link and purchase tickets today! Celebrity guests include Kate Walsh (Private Practice), Jason Alexander (Seinfeld), Jeremy Piven (Entourage), Keith David (Cloud Atlas), Alex Newell (Glee) and more!

Los Angeles Drama Club Gala Benefit
Magic Castle
7001 Franklin Avenue, LA 90028
Sunday, November 11th 2pm-6pm
LA Drama Club Website

 LA Drama Club Gala Benefit

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