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Time To say Good-Bye to Gas Leaf Blowers!

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If you are one of the many dozens of residents who is tired of the loud noise, clouds of dust, and smelly fumes generated by gas-powered leaf blowers – a single gas leaf blower can generate the same amount of pollution in one hour as a car being driven over 1000 miles – the HPHOA has a deal for you!   

A new state law, Health and Safety Code section 43018.11, bans the sale of gas-powered leaf blowers starting January 1, 2024, in order to help achieve 100% zero emissions in California from small off-road engines (SOREs) by 2035.  Current City of Los Angeles law, LAMC section 112.04(c), bans the use of gas powered blowers within 500 feet of a residential property. Both the homeowner and its gardener may be fined $100 per each violation for the illegal use of a gas-powered leaf blower!  You can request a City supervisor visit to the location of a violation at a specific time by visiting MYLA 311 Service Request.

The great news – the cost of a battery powered leaf blower is extremely reasonable. So why pollute or take the chance of a fine? Our research of the various makes and models available reveals that one can purchase a kit that includes a powerful leaf blower, battery, and battery charger for around $250. The cost to an individual homeowner can be reduced if Hancock Park neighbors that use the same gardener share the cost of the equipment. Battery powered leaf blowers (with accessories) are available from Home Depot, Lowes, Amazon, and Ace Hardware, among others (both online and brick and mortar). Below is an example of what can be found. You can also check out the recommendations from Wirecutter, a product recommendation service owned by the New York Times.

The battery powered leaf blower above can be found online at Amazon – Ego Leaf Blower or Ace Hardware – Ego Leaf Blower

To help encourage our Hancock Park residents to purchase a battery powered leaf blower, battery, and charger for their gardener to use on their property, we will help share the cost! The HPHOA is offering a $100.00 rebate to the first 100 Hancock Park residents when they show proof of purchase! 

For more information, contact Mark Alpers or Cindy Chvatal-Keane.

                                 We hope you will take the HPHOA up on the offer!
Hancock Park Homeowners Association. Please visit our website at Join a committee! We are all volunteers!


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  1. We have had the Ego 650 for a couple of years. It hangs right inside the garage for ease of access. I asked my gardener to use it when doing our house and soon after he bought his own e-blower because he liked it so much. It’s also better for his general health, between emissions and hearing damage. I use it too. Blow off the patio roof, blow off your car, blow out your garage, blow out your rain gutters.

    GET ONE, you won’t regret it!!!

    Rod Dean
    Windsor Square

  2. Leaf blowers and illegally loud vehicles are a major nuisance to the “peace, quiet and comfort of any neighborhood” (LAMC). Most days of the week they can be heard on our block in Windsor Square. I’ve complained about both numerous times but I’ve learned that is futile. The city’s leaders don’t enforce either violation any force. They value their progressive views to the detriment of most citizens that are disturbed by these nuisances on a daily basis.

  3. Nice thought – but these guys will be blowing dirt around driveways with their gas-powered death machines for the next 20 years.

    • As long as our neighbors continue paying them, they are just doing their job. Homeowners have a great responsibility in who they choose to employ in their residence and confirming beforehand what kind of equipment “these guys” will be using is one of them.


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